Yuko’s KokoroG: The Cure for Split Ends

I’ve mentioned it a few times in passing on the blog in the last few months, but my hair seems to be having extra issues this fall. The change from summer to winter and back again is typically a bit hard for me, my hair gets dry, static prone and frizzy. Even worse, I can develop sudden split ends overnight. I’ll go for a trim and be fine for a week or so, and then suddenly the one morning… they are everywhere. No amount of conditioning or other treatments prevents this, it is just a fall thing with my hair. My goal is usually to minimize the overall breakage I experience during this time by minimizing heat exposure, increasing hydration and getting another trim to get rid of the split ends again.

This year the split ends have persisted despite multiple trims, a dramatic decrease in heat exposure and many amazing new super hydrating hair masks. But, then a new shampoo/conditioner duo came my way. Can I just say Oh Em Gee?

This stuff is amazing. Amazing. The shampoo is clear with a light scent, nice lather and rinses off easily. The conditioner is creamy and a bit thick, it also rinses off easily. They both have a light scent that I couldn’t smell in my hair after rinsing, which is only a bonus in my mind.

The amazing part is obviously what it does to my hair. Once my hair was dry (whether I let it air dry or used my blow dryer), there was an obvious difference. Somehow, the split ends that had been driving me bonkers were gone. Gone I tell you! Ok, maybe not truly gone (how could a shampoo refuse the hair shaft?), but certainly hiding. My hair looked much better, once again smooth and healthy looking. The results are temporary; if I wash my hair with another shampoo or conditioner the split ends are obvious once again. My hair is shiny, has nice volume is less frizzy. I’ll be adding this duo to my regular rotation of products.




  1. Anonymous
    December 2, 2010 / 5:27 pm

    Christine, where can I buy this? I want to try it 🙂

  2. December 2, 2010 / 5:36 pm

    You can get it from Yuko's website (link above), from Amazon and a place named Frizzy2Silky.com amongst the other links I found on-line. Check Yuko's site to see if they carry it anywhere near you.

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