Sensai Triple Touch Compact

Sensai Triple Touch Compact, review, concealer, powder
See that great little compact? It’s the perfect item to take with you everywhere. You’ll need at least 2 (1 for home and 1 for your purse), so budget accordingly!

The two concealers on the top level are amazing. The white one is not really white. It’s a clear gel that melts with your fingers. Put it anywhere you want a smoother texture such as over pores, fine lines, etc. Surface irregularities are filled in, anything that goes over this concealer (which moves and contracts with your skin throughout the day, by the way) will not be able to settle in and make things more obvious. It works best with smaller imperfections (this is not going to work on giant, shar pei style wrinkles), but I found it to be great over some pore issues on my nose and the slight dryness I had in my nasolabial fold yesterday.

The second concealer is just a basic concealer. I liked that it did really react well to the heat of my fingers, melting and becoming much easier to blend than most caked/creamy concealers, but still offering the extra pigmentation of those forms. It works great alone, over the first concealer or over foundation. It was perfect for under my eyes and other trouble spots.

Finally, the bottom layer is an amazing pressed powder. This powder is different than other powders. According to Sensai, this is “Moistened Powder, a unique powder that has been pre-moistened with skin-hydrating oil so that each pigment particle hydrates the skin and don’t “soak up” skin’s natural oils as other drying powders do.” (FYI, I didn’t mention it, but the moisten powder also appears in concealer #2.) I found the powder to be very finely milled, easy to blend, and it is a perfect color match for the concealer. Which means you can apply more concealer over the powder without worrying about being splotchy. With my combination skin I did not need to reapply this powder throughout the day, it seemed to do a perfect job of keeping my skin semi-matte and flawless.

Sensai Triple Touch Compact



  1. Hanneri
    November 24, 2010 / 6:47 am

    Thanks for a great review! I am interested in knowing whether you tried the whitish concealer as a primer under your eyes before applying the second shade? Do you think it will 'even out' the under eye area?

  2. November 24, 2010 / 2:09 pm

    I didn't sleep well the other night so I tried it the next morning and it worked really well. The 2 products are meant to work together in exactly that way. It definitely smoothed things out from my bags- I'm definitely going to be using it a lot after the baby arrives in January!

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