Pixi Winter Eyes Palette: Swatches and Review

This holiday season you might spot this palette of 12 (!!) eye shadows by PIXI for only $10 at your local Target. If you're lucky. It's been sold out at the 2 Targets near me each time I've checked, luckily I have PR connections and managed to get my hands on one of these little babies.

The shadows are pretty well pigmented, though slightly powdery. They last most of the day, longer if used over a lid primer like Urban Decay's Primer Potion. I would definitely call these shadows a great buy, and they would be a great stocking stuffer.

Do you see much there? Because I don't really. In person these are light, matte shadows that are fairly well pigmented. They would likely show up much better on someone with a bit darker skin color than me, they just seemed to blend quite a bit into my skin color for taking pictures.
#1: A light ivory
#2: Light pinky-peach
#3: Slightly darker peach, definitely a warm tone
$4: Same depth of peach, but more nude/neutral worked in to the mix

#5: A slightly muddy mauve color that really surprised me once I tried it out, I didn't expect to like this as much
#6: A mid-tone brownish-gold
#7: Slightly lighter brown with more gold, very faint shimmer that did not translate over to the swatch
#8: A mid-tone brown

#9: Mid-tone brown
#10: Mid-tone brown, a bit warmer than the first, this has shimmer in the palette but it does not translate over to the eye.
#11: Darker Brown
#12: A black with faint silver shimmer in the palette, the shimmer is difficult to see once applied

Overall, I like this palette. The shadows (even the ones with shimmer in the packaging) are matte and easy to blend. They are a bit powdery, but they are well pigmented and I thought they blended easily. The colors in this palette are all fairly neutral and should be easy to translate over into every day use no matter what your skin tone. This is definitely a crowd pleaser, and it's a steal!

A Quick Aside: There's a 20% off Pixi coupon on the inside of this container, so make sure you don't mangle the packaging if you pick it up!

Note: I took a huge number of pictures in a variety of lights to capture these images and I picked the ones that were the best representations of how the shadows looked in person. So, yes, #1-4 were subtle in person on my skin, but look great on the lid.

PIXI by Petra

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Pammy said...

This palette looks amazing!!! I hope I am able to find one (will be searching today). Looking to buy this as a Christmas gift for a friend, so, fingers crossed that I will find one. Thanks for the great review and the swatches! Just linked this post on twitter! :)

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