NARS Crazy Heart Lip Gloss Set

I love NARS lip gloss- it is hydrating, not sticky and the colors are amazing! This set is a great way to try out a lot of great colors or make the lip gloss addict in your family really happy!

• Easy Lover – Ultra Sheer Hot Pink
• Babe – Sheer Orange Red
• Orgasm – Sheer Warm Pink With Golden Shimmer
• Turkish Delight – Pink Sorbet
• Misbehave – Sheer Cherry Red With Gold Shimmer

$50 at


MSodapop said...

i would love to try the babe lipgloss ^_^ i'm into orange red lip glosses & blushes for some reason. haha. oh christine, you've probably been tagged for this already but i tagged you for the "one lovely blog award" ^_^

Christine said...

Ha! If you like the orange-reds we would be perfect to split the gift sets of things since they always look HORRID on me! :D

Thanks so much for the blog award, so sweet of you!

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