Kiehl's Ultimate Man Collection

This is a great way to introduce your guy to Kiehl's! The Ultimate Man collection has pretty much everything a guy could need.

• White Eagle Shave Cream, 5 oz
• Facial Fuel Face Wash 8.4 oz
• Facial Fuel 2.5 oz
• Lip Balm #1
• Ultimate Man Scrub Soap
• Ultimate Strength Hand Salve

$50 ($71 value) at and Kiehl's stores.

I've bought my hubby this collection and we've repurchased many of the products repeatedly.


Cynthia Bailey MD said...

With many of my married patient couples the woman buy the personal care products for them both. This Kiehl's Kit is a really nice package that hits the products men usually need, and in a nice consistent quality. Add hair care, antiperspirant, a razor and a comb and I think it's a turn-key gift and a fun line to try.
Cynthia Bailey MD, Dermatologist

Cynthia Bailey MD said...

Big oops for me, I forgot the sunscreen! For complete personal care, he needs a sunscreen too!
Cynthia Bailey MD, Dermatologist

Christine said...

LOL! Yes, a sunscreen! I think this has a lot of the "guy specific" products. I don't use facial razor stuff. :D I'll add that the sunscreen should be broad spectrum and at least SPF 15, though 30 would be better!

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