Clarins Barocco Face Powder: I'm in Love!

Clarins Barocco Face Palette, holiday 2010, limited edition, review
See how pretty that powder is? I'm afraid to use/touch it, it's so pretty, I just don't want to spoil it.

The real reason this item is so luxurious is definitely the packaging. It comes in a red velvet pouch (not pictured) and the case really must weigh about 5 pounds. It has the same design on it, but in black and metal, and the entire thing closes with the most satisfying click! Truly, you'll want to find excuses to use it over and over just to show this off.

The powder is a combination of a beige and a slightly shimmery pink-peach color. Together, they essentially make a basic translucent powder. The powder does a great job of keeping me matte and it would work for a big range of lighter complected girls. The shimmer is almost nonexistent once the powder is applied, so it would be appropriate for every day. I only wish that it came with a puff or small brush for touch ups on the go.

In the meantime, the packaging had me at hello! It's absolutely amazing in person, and I'm looking for the perfect travel brush to pair it with in my purse. I don't care how heavy it is, I'll be taking this compact with me everywhere!

Clarins Barocco Face Palette


Sophia said...

It's totally adorable. I agree with you. The weight doesn't matter if it's that cute!

Leash ATL said...

Wow, that is really pretty. Is it very expensive?

Where do you get it?

beautytipshub said...

really like this post..Want to hear more from you in future..Thanks for this one:)

cv said...

Seems to be a perfect one for me! Clarins Barocco the color itself looks great..thanks and will purchase this for Christmas..the best Cosmetic blog!

Shop Assistant CV

Pammy said...

What a pretty powder!!! Nice packaging and the finish sounds just lovely! :)

Christine said...

It is expensive, that compact is $55. Worth it as a splurge item I think, though this is coming from a girl who usually only buys Almay pressed powder.

You get it at locations that sell Clarins makeup. Some department stores, some Sephora locations, or you can get it on-line.

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