China Glaze Naughty and Nice

I'm definitely a vampy nail polish girl. I favor darkened reds and purples, I love how they contrast with my fair skin. This China Glaze is from their Holiday 2010 collection and I love it! It's well pigmented, I almost didn't even need a second coat. This is a very dark red with a bit of a berry tone to it, it looks nearly black except in bright sunlight where you can see the red. Occasionally it even has a little bit of a purple hint to it.

I dug out this picture of Essie's Wicked, to me they look pretty similar on the nail. In the picture the Wicked is a tad lighter, but not so in person. I've been through 2 bottles of Wicked and I think there are 2 more in my stash currently. (Yes, the watermark is not 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic, it's still my pic! It is a bit embarrassing to post though, please pay no attention to the messiness on my cuticles.) The Essie needs 3 coats for perfect coverage.

China Glaze

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Beauty411 said...

I will definitely be picking up Naught & Nice; for me, the darker the color, the better! I appreciate the comparison to Essie Wicked, as I have that one, too.

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