Rusk's Deep Shine: A Quick Way to "Fake" Your Way to a Good Hair Day

Rusk, Deep Hair Shine, Review
See those 2 products? They've been helping me fake my way to a good hair day for a bit now, and I needed to share them with you.

On the left you can see Deepshine Lustre Shine Enhancing Lusterizer. Yes, that's a lot of Lustre. It's a creamy lotion that you can put in your hair wet or dry to help make hair soft, shiny and add a little bit of separation. I've been loving it on my dry hair, as the last step in hair styling. Literally I can dry my hair (paying no attention to making it straight or getting rid of frizz), then apply about a dime sized amount of this to my hair. Distribute it really well, and sometimes I'll even brush it through. Suddenly my hair will look like I spent a huge amount of time drying and styling it! Shiny, frizz free, my long layers have a bit of separation (which I love) and everything is super soft.

On the right is Deepshine Oil Protective Oil Treatment. Similar to other hair oils, this oil is mostly Argan oil with a very light fruity/herbal smell. I like that it comes in a bottle with a very small squeeze top opening- hard to turn yourself into a grease ball! I usually put about a nickel sized amount in my hair when wet, making sure that I evenly distribute it (concentrating on the ends of my hair and avoiding the roots) and I often will comb it through using a wide tooth comb. Dry and style as usual. It helps with shine, softness and makes hair super soft!

I've been combining both of these products (Oil on wet hair, then dry, apply Lusterizer Creme as a last styling step) and my hair has been loving it! I'm frizz free, shiny and my hair is super soft.

Rusk Hair Products

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