Perfect Skin in a Jar: Purple Lab's Silk Sheets Foundation

Purple Lab Silk Sheets Foundation Review
I've been on a bit of a foundation kick lately, I seem to just want to review foundations. I think I've bought 3 and had 2 sent to me to trial, and I admit that I've had variable success with the products. Of the new foundations I've been trying out, this is by far the best one, and I couldn't wait to share it!

I'm not sure if I should describe this foundation as light or medium coverage. Somehow it is both. The foundation is in a little jar and feels a bit mouse-like in consistency. The key to this foundation truly is that less is more.** I use a very small amount (about the size of a large pea) and apply it with my fingers starting in the center of my face and spreading outwards. After using my fingers to blend in the foundation, I may need to do a touch up blending around my nose with a makeup sponge, but that's about it. I apply concealer, powder, etc. as usual over the foundation.

On me, the small amount of foundation gives about a medium coverage in terms of covering up any splotches on my skin or uneven tone issues. However, I love that I can still see my skin through it, rather than looking like I have a mask on. So, it covers like a medium coverage, but lets my skin shine through like a light foundation. The coverage lasts all day without any settling into lines/pores or oxidation issues and the foundation does not feel heavy.

Currently the range of colors is fairly limited (though, they did just release a new "fair" option). I'm between the light and fair, though I tried out light for my review. The color was only one or two shades off and blending it did work well and the non-perfect match was not an issue. I'm hoping that Purple Lab will continue to add in new shades, because I'm sure the darker complected girls will have a hard time finding a good match with this foundation.

** A quick note about the amount of foundation to use with Silk Sheets. I read some reviews on-line of this foundation that were negative, a lot of discussion about how heavy it felt and covered up too much. I tend to always start with a very small amount of foundation and layer if needed for more coverage. I wondered if perhaps these women had simply used a lot of the product? I did try using a larger amount of foundation (about a dime size, similar to what I use with other foundations) and I encountered many of the issues they discussed. The foundation becomes hard to blend, feels heavy and the wear time went down to about 8 hours instead of 12-15 hours. Moral of the story: Use less foundation! With a smaller amount Silk Sheets worked like a dream foundation.

Purple Lab Silk Sheets


Nikkia (Silver Lips) said...

Great Review!! I hear sooo many good and bad things about this foundation. That I want to try it out. I just really wish Purple Lab made this foundation for darker women. I love the fact they have dark but its just not dark enough. I have touched and played with it and it seems like it would be a dream on the skin. Maybe PL will explore the darker shades soon :-)

Christine said...

Hi Nikkia!
I'm hoping that they're gradually adding more shades, especially since they just added the fair shade. The dark shade is definitely too light for you from what I can tell looking at their website.

I've heard some varying things too, a lot of the comments seemed to be people that used too much foundation, though I saw complaints of the product being separated when it was first opened as well. Mine wasn't separated, I'm wondering if there was a little issue when it was first released that has since been sorted out.

Personally, I've really enjoyed this foundation. I have to film a commercial on Wednesday at work (I apparently wander around my ICU and pretend to be working, I bet I'll be in it for about 2 seconds. This is what I get for being the only female ICU doctor...) anyways, I'm definitely going to be wearing this.

loveofcooking said...

I really want to try this foundation, But i dunno which shade i have to choose. I'm like NC37 in Mac Studio fix with yellow based skin tone..Tan or Dark??? I heard Dark is not that dark is it true??

Christine said...

I've heard that from my friends that have darker complexions and have tried this. I've found that L'Oreal's Souffle foundation is pretty similar and it comes in more shades, I'd look at that one first since I think the range in darker colors is better.

loveofcooking said...

I have tested the L'oreal Souffle which is drying and flaky for me cos i have dry combination skin. Thanks for you reply anyway, i'll make more research before i make my final decision. cheers

Christine said...

Awww, that sucks. I'm combination too and I'm actually wearing it today without any issues.

I'd definitely check out the reviews of Silk Sheets by some of the beauty bloggers who are darker complected to see if they're closer to you.

Over at Afrobella she used the dark shade ( and blaqvixen also used dark. When I first read her review she had some pics of herself in it and it looked good, but she had to add a little bronzer over it. I don't see the pics now. Regardless, I think her pics of the dark shade are pretty accurate, so it's definitely worth a peek to see if it would be a decent match for you.

Good luck!

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