Pantene Beautiful Lengths: Long, Healthy Hair is Possible!

When Pantene recently revamped their main line, I admit to a few moments of panic. What would happen to their Beautiful Lengths product line? I didn't see it included, and for a time it disappeared from shelves around me. Luckily it turns out that they are keeping it around, it's just been relaunched with a new look to make it similar to the revamped main Pantene line. As before, they are still encouraging women to donate their hair via the Beautiful Lengths Campaign.

A box arrived at my house a few weeks ago, and I was very confused by the box. Even before I opened it, I smelled peaches. Really yummy peaches. Yes, some of this may have been my pregnancy nose (influenced by my fruit cravings, apparently my baby girl only likes fruit and not typical sweets), but when I opened the box and the smell spilled out it was pretty amazing. Even my husband commented on how great the box smelled when he got home that night. Of course the box was filled with the Beautiful Lengths line, and I was so excited to try it out again!

I had previously tested the Restore Beautiful Lengths Shine Enhance duo, so this time I opted for the Frizz Control Shampoo and Conditioner duo. Combined with the Smoothing Balm and Anti-Humidity Hairspray, I was convinced I would soon be sleek and shiny for a fraction of the price of similar products available at salons and Sephora.

Overall, I did like the shampoo and conditioner. They definitely have the peach scent I was talking about earlier, though once you're using the actual product there is a bit of a floral/perfume slant to the scent. (I don't remember this from the last time I tried out Beautiful Lengths, though that was a while ago. I commented in my review that it was "a light perfume scent", is the peach bit new?)

The shampoo has a light lather and rinses out easily while the conditioner feels creamy and also seems to rinse out well. My hair was clean but not overweighted by conditioner, perfect! I decided to try styling my hair sans product first to see how "anti-frizz" the results were. I dried my hair as usual (I straighten my wavy hair as I dry it using a brush) and then touching up with a flat iron as needed. While I wasn't perfectly frizz free, my hair was relatively sleek and the results stood up all day long.

The next day I decided to add in the Smoothing Balm. This white creme comes in a pump, which I loved. One pump was enough to apply throughout my hair (they recommend using it on wet hair), and then I spread by combing it through with a wide tooth comb. I styled my hair the same way, and I felt that the Smoothing Balm did make a big difference. My hair was softer and a bit smoother with the Styling Balm. I've been using it on my hair dry as well (a small pea sized amount to the ends) and it really helps quite a bit with fly aways and finishes my look.

Finally, I tried out the Anti-Frizz Hairspray. Luckily I had a few rainy days recently, perfect for trying out the hairspray! I used it on my hair both straight and curled. I felt it had decent hold, though by mid-day my curls had deflated. It held up better in the rain and humidity than many hairsprays, but not like I had hoped.

Overall, I loved the shampoo/conditioner duo, and the Smoothing Balm is likely to become a product I reach for over and over. The hairspray was fine, though not a standout product.

Pantene Beautiful Lengths


  1. Can't wait to check out the re-vamped Pantene line!!!

  2. does this revamped formula get rid of sulfates and parabens?

  3. Thanks for this information! It's so hard to know if the claims really match the product! With so many hair care lines the slightest thought of al the choices can spin your head around. Will you please post an update about how your hair is now since you've used it for a while? Did it really help your hair become longer and stronger? All of us girls are always looking for the next beauty miracle. Taking vitamins and getting regular trims is still taking forever for my hair to get past a certain point. Please blog on any other tips you have for hair growth!

  4. RZ- The revamped formulas do contain sulfates, though I looked through a bunch of the products and only some contain parabens. I'd check the ingredients list before buying if you want paraben free.

    Shanese- I don't usually have an issue with breakage, though I admit that the last month or so I've had issues with split ends (despite getting a trim). I've tried a bunch of different intensive hair masks at home without any help, though I did find a shampoo/conditioner duo that helped last week (I'll write about it next week). There really aren't any other tips for growing out your hair unfortunately that I'm aware of. I'll try to do some searches and write something.

  5. I haven't tried the beautiful lengths products yet. My hair is getting so long though, and I am needing some new products to try out. I am going to consider this!!


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