Manicure of the Day: China Glaze Sugar Plums

China Glaze, Sugar Plums, Holiday 2010, swatch
China Glaze always releases amazing holiday collections, and this Christmas season is no different. I'll be showing you various swatches over the coming weeks, but this is the one I really wanted to try out first.

Sugar Plums is described by China Glaze as a "Plum Shimmer", though I'm not sure that it accurate. I've always thought of "plum" as being more like the fruit, with definite purple in the red. This color is more dark red with some magenta/berry in certain lights. I'm a sucker for any red with berry leanings, so I immediately knew this would be my first manicure! In the bottle there is very fine multi-colored shimmer. I can spot pink, blue, green and gold when I look closely, but from afar the shimmer is apparent only as flashes of color.

The color is well pigmented, and I almost didn't even need a second coat for full coverage. Unfortunately, the shimmer does make the finish a bit bumpy. I used a thick top coat to even things out (I used Seche Vite, Poshe would work as well), and I have been debating about adding a second coat of top coat because it is still a bit bumpy. Just like in the bottle you do need to look closely to see the colors of shimmer.

While the color will likely be available as a single bottle, you can also buy it in the "Oh, Ruby Deer" gift set which includes Sugar Plums, Ruby Deer and a stuffed animal. Look for it at locations like ULTA and Trade Secret. There will be 16 limited edition shades this Holiday Season.

China Glaze Holiday 2010


Rebecca Bostwick said...

This is so pretty! *sigh* I love fall and winter polish collections!

Tracy(Beauty Reflections) said...

I love this colour! Looks great on your nails! Hope I can find this soon!

Christine said...

Rebecca- I admit that while I will buy the pastel shades of spring and the bright colors of summer, I usually end up wearing the fall and winter collections most of the year. The darker colors and jewel tones seem to work really well with my pale skin.

Tracy- It's available on-line now and I bet it will be popping up in stores around you very soon!

Sophia said...

Definitely a pretty color. The name is really cute, too!

Christine said...

I took this off yesterday (to swatch for a post that will be published later today) and noticed that when I was taking off the polish, if I very lightly ran a cotton with NP remover over the nail, it uncovered a ton of glitter. It was amazing the difference! I'll try to recreate this and post a picture.

Though it doesn't look like it on the nail, this polish was pretty full of glitter and therefore a bit of a pain to remove. I use a small square of crafter's felt with acetone (rather than regular nail polish) to remove glitter polishes. Hope that helps!

Winstrol said...

Very beautiful color of nail polish! Plum is my favorite! Thanks for sharing the review! Greetings

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