Lowila, A Bar Cleanser for those that don't like Soap

Soap certainly has taken on an ugly connotation, hasn't it? What do you think of when you hear that word? Likely you think of very similar things to me. Red, irritated and dry skin. Harsh and unable to rinse easily. I could go on and on. This connotation likely goes hand in hand with the immense popularity of body washes. As we dislike soap more, we head for the body wash, and we think even more bad things about the soap because we love the body wash so much.

Lowila promises to be different. This bar cleanser is gentle and hydrating and their website touts it as the perfect cleanser for those with dry skin or eczema. As someone with both, I was curious to see how my skin would react to this product.

It looks just like a regular white bar of soap. It has a light lather and to me it smells just a light soap scent (what I remember Ivory smelling like as a kid. I haven't smelled it for years, it's probably not accurate, but in my head this is the Ivory scent). It seems to work fine in the shower and it does rinse off easily. After a week or so of using it in the shower, I noticed that my skin seemed to be doing great. I didn't have any increased issues with dryness (a chronic issue for me that has been worse during my pregnancy), my eczema was not flaring, and if anything my skin seemed to be doing great with a lighter moisturizer than usual.

That's when I decided to be a crazy girl. I took the Lowila bar out of the shower. That's right, I put it next to the sink to see how it did as a facial cleanser. I even took the added step of just trying it alone, sans eye makeup remover. It did amazing. This is the little bar cleanser that could. It removed all of my makeup and even took off all of my mascara and eye liner quickly and easily. The eye liner that an eye makeup remover (**coughs and looks over at the Neutrogena**) could not remove. I used it exclusively as a facial cleanser for almost 2 weeks without any flares of skin issues, a decrease in my pregnancy related blemishes, and I didn't need to break out an eye makeup remover once.

I think this is love.



  1. Wow that's really awesome! How do you think it compares to PHilosophy's Purity in terms of cleaning your face of gunk? I have really dry and sensitive skin (though not eczema) and even just splashing water on my face makes it tight after it dries. I use Dove for washing my hands, is this that much better?

  2. I've never tried Philosophy's Purity, though I definitely experience the same after wash tightness if a cleanser is too harsh. I haven't had that issue with this cleanser, and I do think it's done a great job of removing all makeup and grime. If you happen to find Lowila in a store, I think it's worth a try.


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