Leslie Tyler Lip Gloss: Great Gloss from a Housewife

Yes, it does feel like Real Housewives are taking over pop culture. There are multiple iterations on Bravo, discussion of the shows seems to be everywhere, and some of the housewives have taken it to the next step and have their own companies as a result of the shows. While I don't like most of the opportunistic companies (have you seen some of the jewelry to come out of those companies?), this lip gloss is different.


While Leslie Tyler-Fink will in fact be one of the women in the next Real Housewives show (a show so new it does not yet have an official name, and is yet to be announced on the Bravo site), this is not one of those companies that just has her name on it. This is a real company that Leslie actually has a deeper connection with than just lending her name and making a few appearances. Leslie has long appeared on television with her style and makeup tips, and her line of lip glosses (Perhaps inspired by her previous job as a Chanel makeup artist?) has a great celeb following! The glosses are a fave of Taylor Swift, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, LeeAnn Rhymes, Kris Jenner, Julianna Hough, and more.

The gloss is a great gloss. Period. There is no arguing with that. It is well pigmented (about halfway between most glosses and a lipstick) and comes in a huge array of colors. The gloss tastes like mint and even has a mild cool minty tingle when you first apply it. There is no stickiness, and the hydration it provides is more like a balm than a gloss. My only complaint is that the staying power could be a bit better, mine lasts for about 3 hours or so before I need to reapply.

I wish I had been able to hunt down all 5 shades that I was sent to sample (3 are currently MIA in various purses and likely my office and white coat at work. Usually this is a sign that I really liked a product...) My biggest color recommendation is definitely the red pictured above, Mint Cherry. This red is well pigmented but still just slightly translucent, allowing your own lip color to be seen. It is also a pretty true red, with only a little bit of blue base and not much orange in it. I think it is likely to work with a lot of skin tones. If you want to try out red lips but are afraid of red lipstick, run to this gloss!

Lesslie Tyler Lip Gloss

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  1. I have to admit, I am a huge Real Housewives fan so that and your review makes me want to try these glosses.


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