Fun and Cheap Shadows for Fall: L'Oreal HiP

I have to confess that I've had these shadows sitting in my tester box for a good 6 weeks or so. I was feeling rather non-adventuresome from an eye makeup standpoint (It really didn't seem to matter as my allergies were going crazy... hence red irritated eyes that drops and Claritin don't help as my usual Zyrtec has been declared a NO by my OB... I have been stuck in glasses for a while. Cute Coach glasses, but still glasses.)

Regardless, I finally broke out a few new eye products (who care about glasses! I should still be cute!), and I had to share how cute these L'Oreal HiP Shadows are in person. I love it when a great product is easy to find and affordable!

These images just can't do the shades justice, since they do have a little bit of a metallic sheen that the camera can't pick up. While it is subtle, it adds a lot of depth to the shadow that makes a big difference once applied.

Surprisingly my favorite shade seems to be the Shocked duo, the green is amazing! It is the perfect shade to use for that soft smoky eye I told you about the other day. I've found that brown eyeliner is a must when using it (black is much too harsh). I apply the green over my lid up to the crease, lightly blending outwards with more intense green near the lash line. I line with a brown liner that can then be smudged up a little, and I also apply a little of the green shadow under the outer half of my lower lash line. Apply a small pop of the gold to the inner part of the lid (or on the center of the eye lid) if you want as a highlight. The purple from Ignited also is perfect for this.

L'Oreal Paris HiP Studio Secrets Professional Metallic Shadow Duo


  1. Can you do/have you done a post explaining your routine for "testing" and what products you test, for how long? I've seen you say this for makeup and nailpolish. What's your system? Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. I adore HIP eye shadows there affordable and easy to find/use! *Adding Shocked to my list of must purchase*

  3. Your OB said no to Zyrtec!?! Crap - I thought mine said it was okay...and I've taken 2 in the last week!

  4. Courtney- I have the info under my product review tab at the top of the page, so that PR reps can see it if they want to send me something.

    In a nut shell, I test products for at least the length of time that I think something needs to be tried out to see results. At a minimum this is usually 4-6 weeks for skin care, about 2 weeks for hair care, 3-4 weeks for body skin care (eg- body lotion) and a week or so for makeup/fragrance.

    I'll stop a review early if I have a reaction to a product. Sometimes (esp in the case of acne skin care items) you can actually see skin get worse before it gets better, so I tend to stop only for things like rash, an increase in my eczema (the main reason you won't find a lot of moisturizers with Shea Butter here, I can't tolerate many of them), or an extreme increase in blemishes (which has only happened once, and it was with an anti-aging product from Chanel.)

    When I'm testing a product I'm mostly waiting for my hair/skin to adjust to a product so I can see how it really works for me. Does a shampoo/conditioner duo result in great volume after the first use? Do I consistently have flaking from a mascara? Can I still smell that fragrance at the end of a typical workday, or is it gone by lunch (and I have to really like a perfume to get to that part of the testing, BTW. I'm not willing to wear about 1/2 of the fragrances for an entire day)? That sort of thing.

    I test a LOT of products that don't make it to the website. I tend to write about the products that I really like or that are well known enough that I think a mediocre or bad review from me will help my readers.

    Hope that helps!

    Nikkia- I think that the gold part of Shocked will likely be even better on you than it is on me. The shimmer will be perfect as a highlight on your skin, I hope you can find it!

    Mommy, Esq.- Both Claritin and Zyrtec are pregnancy category B, which means there is data in animal studies that both are fine in pregnancy, though neither have been studied in human pregnancy. Claritin has been studied more extensively than Zyrtec, therefore my OB says Claritin, not Zyrtec. I think you shouldn't worry too much about the Zyrtec doses you've taken, I'm willing to bet that there are lots of OBs that list Zyrtec as ok and the pediatrician part of me thinks that a few doses of an anti-histamine is probably not enough to cause many issues.

  5. Christine--Ah! I get it now. I didn't connect it to the Product Review tab up top.

    It's nice to see you put such time into your reviews. I've definitely seen a lot of YouTube videos where the people don't even know what the product is called exactly let alone how it affects their skin after one use.


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