Estée Lauder Holiday 2010, Extravagant Gold Eyeshadows

The holiday collections are trickling in, which means it is time I start sharing them with you. I know that it is only October. I know you likely have not yet carved your pumpkin or bought Halloween candy. However, the collections are out and there are some amazing products that you need to snap up before they sell out!

The first collection I had to share with you is Estée Lauder's Holiday 2010 collection. The gem of the collection is undoubtably this eye shadow palette (click to enlarge). Read on for swatches.

This palette is an amazing collection of warm toned browns and golds. (Yes, it does look neutral in the pictures on the Estée Lauder site. Not so much in my pictures. After playing with it in person I definitely think it is more warm toned than cool toned. Hence, it is now residing in my mom's makeup drawer as it is perfect for her) Click on the swatches for a better look. You can barely see #1, but it is a beautiful highlighting color with shimmer.

While at the Estée Lauder counter picking up the shadows, you might want to check out the Holiday Pure Color Nail Polishes. Run over to my friend Michelle's site All Lacquered Up for a better look at the colors. I think that Extravagant Night will definitely be a "must buy" for me, and I'm debating about Extravagant Pearl as well. (I love the look of it, but I go for dark colors all of the time, I'm afraid the gold might just be a waste of money.)

Estée Lauder Holiday 2010 Eyeshadow Palette in Extravagant Gold
Holiday Pure Color Nail Polishes

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