A Deep Cleaning Mud Treatment for the Shower? Yes Please! Skin by Monica's Refine

Skin by Monica, Refne Deep Penetrating Clay Cleanser
You know that I love products that actually do what they claim to do. Extra bonus points if it does this in a time efficient way, and huge raves if it is fast enough that I could incorporate this into my morning routine on work days. This product does all of those things. It's so amazing, I'm going to go the extra step of calling it a Holy Grail Product. True, I very rarely do this. So, you know that I really love this cleanser!

What exactly is this stuff? Think of it as an amped up clay mask. (I truly am thinking of Tim Allen in Home Improvement tinkering with things and making them stronger or faster. Someone did that to this cleanser, only they made it work and not accidentally set the garage on fire.)

So, it looks like a bit of a watery clay mask. Spread a thin layer over your face and let it sit for 2 minutes, the cleanser will not harden. It has a light herbal/clay scent (very light, I almost want to call this unscented), and it has a light cooling sensation on the skin. The cleanser will not harden, and it works equally well in and out of the shower. Simply rinse it off (tip: due to the clay particles you can use it as a very light scrub as well, just rub with your fingers some as you rinse).

The results are amazing! It really looks as though you've just used a 10 minute mud mask. The cleanser is gentle enough to use everyday if you want, and with time you'll see even more results. I used this everyday for a week or so, then showed up at work for the first time in a bit (I have this great job where I work 8 days a month, all spread out. I think I'd been off for about 10 days or so when I showed up on Friday). When I walked in pretty much everyone there commented on how great my skin looked, and how it must be the "pregnancy glow." Which it definitely is not, it's this cleanser! My skin is softer and I've seen a dramatic reduction in my pregnancy related blemishes.

I think this cleanser just found a permanent spot in my morning routine. It's perfect for applying while your conditioner does its job.

Skin by Monica Refine

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