China Glaze Holiday 2010: Frosty, A Fraternal Twin to WKS?

china glaze, nail polish, frosty, wks, white kwik silver, white-kwik-silver, swatch, comparison
china glaze, nail polish, frosty, wks, white kwik silver, white-kwik-silver, swatch, comparison
A few years ago China Glaze released their summer Surf collection. The colors had really pretty glass flecked shimmer and I immediately fell in love with White Kwik Silver, the white shade. I was pretty surprised by this as I was already well into the dark shades that I now favor, but the white just spoke to me. It spoke to a lot of girls, and it has become a bit hard to locate as a result. I've found that the white color can be the ultimate chameleon. 1 coat is perfect for layering over other shades, 2 coats is a bit translucent and can take the place of a light pink or nude mani but still be appropriate for many occasions, and 3 shades is more opaque and a bit edgy. I always take this shade with me on vacation. Always.

When I first heard about the new Holiday 2010 color Frosty, I wondered how close it would be to WKS. The answer is really pretty close, though the WKS base is a bit more ivory when compared closely to Frosty's stark white base. Both have the same flecked shimmer, though WKS might have a bit more gold inflection that I couldn't pick up in pictures. As well, WKS is a bit more translucent. So, while WKS does require more coats to become opaque, Frosty is a bit harder to work with during application.

Read on for comparison pictures.

On the nail alone, it really is hard to see the difference between the two shades. I found that there is a very subtle difference in shimmer that was difficult to pick up. Without having both on my nail at the same time I don't think I would have noticed. The shimmer in WKS seems to reflect a bit more gold than that in Frosty.

As well, while you could see in the bottle that WKS is a bit more ivory than white, it didn't translate over to the nail.

I tried layering over Snow, a bright creme white that China Glaze is releasing as part of Holiday 2010. On it's own Snow really looks like the nail polish version of white out. It is fairly pigmented, but does streak. So, I needed 3 light layers to achieve an even opaque base. If you wait a few minutes between coats application is much easier. Normally bright white like this is not a look I'm going for, but it really is perfect for layering.

You can see that with 1 coat of Frosty and WKS there is a slight difference in shade. WKS is definitely an ivory, Frosty more white.

China Glaze
White Kwik Silvr is in stock at 8ty8 Beauty

I received samples of Frosty and Snow. WKS I bought myself.


Sassi said...

wow, I think I have to buy it!

J said...

great colors for winter! i like wks, i like the ivory of it, nice and soft! thanks for the color comparison!

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