Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Tone Body Wash

It's not everyday that a PR rep emails you about a product you not only bought yourself, but have been using every morning in your shower. The Tone White Clay & Pink Jasmine Body Wash has definitely spent it's fair share of time in my shower. I love the floral scent, nice lather and how easily it rinses off.

This month you'll be able to buy a specially labelled version of this body wash (keep your eyes open for it on shelves near you). The bottle has directions on the back for a breast self exam (did you know the shower is a great place to do this? The water and slippery soap help the process along.)

This month, The Dial Corporation will make a $100,000 donation to the Breast Cancer Network of Strength.

Tone Body Wash


Cynthia Bailey MD said...

Just a note to remind everyone to moisturize their skin withing 3 minutes after showering and towel drying. Skin really dries out in the winter due to the climate and low humidity of warmed indoor air. Pick a nice rich moisturizing product for winter skin care.
Cynthia Bailey MD, Dermatologist

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Caverta said...

I have seen my friend suffer from breast cancer… now she isn’t with us anymore. Let us all together fight against it before others fall prey to it.

Christine said...

I completely agree Cynthia! Immediately moisturizing makes a huge difference. I usually leave my lotion (Cetaphil cream usually) in the shower and apply it after a quick pat down before I even leave the shower.

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