Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Sephora's Pink Color-to-Go Palette

Sephora's Pink Color-to-Go Palette is limited edition and contains eight eyeshadows, four lip glosses and a blush. It's a steal at only $15! (Tip: click the image above to enlarge and get a closer look at the colors.)

This month, Sephora is releasing a few items to help raise money for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Sephora will donate $1 from the sale of each item.


Courtney said...

What's the quality of Sephora's brand products? I'm always hesitant about buying a store's products after a bad allergic reaction to Ulta's brand. I know they're different, but I've never tried Sephora's before.

Christine said...

The Sephora brand products seem to vary. I've liked their lip glosses, eye liners and mascaras in the past. I've only had bad luck with the Sephora brand nail polish (I think that may the reason they teamed up with OPI to created the OPI Sephora line), and I've heard various things about the quality of the eye shadows, I wonder if it has to do with the regular products vs their large every color under the sun promotions.

As far as I'm aware, the allergic reactions to color products tend to be due to fillers and extra minerals that end up in the products (I seem to remember that Mica and Talc seem to be big issues), and unfortunately this isn't always related to the quality of products. The Mica in Bare Escentuals tends to flare my ezcema (which isn't usually on my face, but it has no problem showing up there when I use these products) and I turn into a red, rashy mess.

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