Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Ouidad Curls for a Cure

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As much as I love featuring Breast Cancer Awareness all of October, I love it when BCA is supported all year long! The curly hair experts over at Ouidad are doing just that. They have an overall goal of donating $1,000,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. They're doing that by matching the donations of their customers (you opt to donate at checkout), and they're spreading the money out over a few years! This year they have a goal of a total matching contribution of $50,000. So far they've raised almost $300,000.

The amazing people over at Ouidad sent along a few beauty tips for coping with chemo and post-chemo changes. I've never seen tips like these, and I just had to share them!

1. Skin will have a yellow tint from chemotherapy. Use a bronzer with a pink tint to help balance skin color.

2. Hair tends to lose pigmentation, often growing in gray and curly. Wait at least six months post chemo for color to prevent damage of new growth.

3. Visually prepare for hair loss by cutting hair shorter to minimize the drastic effect of losing hair.

4. With new hair growth, do treatments every two weeks to feed and strengthen hair. Frequent deep conditioning is necessary to replenish nutrients, allowing each strand to regain its internal weight and body.

5. Hair often grows back in the opposite texture due to the chemotherapy treatments. Don't be surprised by this change, and rather use it as a chance to experiment!

Ouidad Curls for a Cure

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