Twirl by Kate Spade: A Fragrance Release I'm Excited About!

I have to admit that I'm generally not excited about perfume and makeup ads. I do find them interesting, and I'll even post about them every now and then, but until now I haven't found myself hoping a commercial appears on tv. I'm about to start! Why?

Find out after the jump. And let me brag a little.

It's because of that guy right there! That's Randy Napoleon, one of my college roommates. He's playing with Lapis Luna in the new Kate Spade Twirl ads.

Typically Randy is a classic Jazz guitarist, he's played with people like Michael Buble though more recently he's been on tour with Freddy Cole (which is a very big deal if you know jazz). To me, this is the guy that roamed my house in Ann Arbor playing his guitar constantly (I admit, my roomie Fran and I made him learn some Dave Matthews because we got tired of all jazz all the time), and he was constantly on the look out for the perfect spaghetti sauce recipe. He had a plan with me and the rest of our roommates to learn how to curl, because we saw this as the perfect way to become Winter Olympians. How hard could it be?

The fragrance itself, by the way, does sound pretty good.
Top Notes: Pink Watermelon, Blackberry, Red Currant
Middle Notes: Orange Blossom, Star Jasmine, Tiare Flower, Sweet Magnolia
Base Notes: Musk, French Macaron

I haven't smelled the scent yet, but I'm really interested to check out a French Macaron base note! If you see the ad keep your eyes peeled for Randy!

Kate Spade Twirl


cynthia bailey md said...

What a nice story. It's a wonderful example of how when your in college you never can predict what adventures you'll have in the future. I have my 30th college reunion and my 25th medical school reunion this year-wow! Lot's of unpredictable adventure stories to catch up on.

em said...

I haven't visited your blog in a while--I just got a new job and it has severely interferred with my internet browsing--but I've met Randy and he was one of the nicest, sweetest, most talented guys I've ever met. I liked seeing him with Buble but I'm happy that he (and some of the other guys in the band) are happier with their newer gigs. I keep trying to catch him on tour but alas, no dates close to me yet :( Love your blog!!

Christine said...

Cynthia- I agree, it is funny how things work out! So many people end up doing something other than what you would have thought.

Em- Such a small world! Randy truly is one of the nicest guys in the world. Keep an eye on his website for upcoming tour dates, though I think he might be touring a bit less in the near future simply because he just got married last month. He most frequently plays in NYC and the Ann Arbor area if that helps.

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