Selena Gomez at the 2010 VMA Awards

Selena Gomez, VMA makeup 2010, look
I have to be honest. I am not 100% sure who Selena Gomez is. I know she has a movie coming out (I seem to recall seeing her name in a commercial for it), and I think she’s one of those girls that has a show on the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. (Ah Ha! A quick check of her Wiki page reveals she is from the Disney Channel. And was born when I was in high school. Sigh.)

I wasn’t a huge fan of her VMA dress, but I think from the neck up her VMA look was amazing! Her makeup is fresh (look at how perfect her skin is!) but doesn’t age her, is appropriate for being only 18, and yet also works for the Red Carpet. Her hair is young, but not your typical “running errands” pony tail. Overall, it worked for me!

Makeup Artist Karan Mitchell for Nyx Cosmetics created her makeup, the directions are below!

For Eyes
Karan started with Nyx Concealor Jar in Fair as a base on the lid and then added a shade of ‘Highlight’ and blended from the crease up to the brow. She then applied the highly pigmented sapphire blue shade from Nyx Cosmetics Eye Shadow Trio in Aquamarine on the lids as well as slightly above the crease. Karan then blended the deep blue in the I Dream of Antigua Nyx Cosmetics 5 Color Eye Shadow Palette on the outside corners of her lids. Over that Karan lined the entire eye with Magic Kohl eye liner pencil by Givenchy. Two coats of Nyx Professional Mascara in Black finished the look.

For the Lips
The lip look was finished with Nyx Cosmetics Lipstick shade #174 nude, and Nyx Mega Shine Lipgloss in #104 Sweet Heart for that soft fresh nude lip look!

For Face
Karan created a fresh faced healthy glow for Selena by using Nyx Cosmetics Tango with Bronzer Stix #2 in Merengue Flush. This was applied to the apples of her cheeks.

Image Credit:
NYX Cosmetics


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