Oxy Clinical Solutions: What is it? And, Want to Win It?

Oxy recently released a new collection of products, and while you might not think they're new and different, they actually are new and different. Why is that? Looking at the list of ingredients, you'll see the old stand-by ingredients benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. Yes, these two have been out a long time. But, you know what? Not much is really going to change in over the counter acne treatment. And those two ingredients really do work.

The "new and different" part of Oxy Clinical is that the products are all formulated with time release of the active ingredients! I would likely have to recruit my super smart biomedical engineering/tissue engineering/drug delivery researching professor husband to explain exactly how this works, but just trust me that it does. Active ingredients are released over a much longer period of time, which means that not only are they fighting your pimples longer, but your skin will likely tolerate this better! The days of dry, flaky skin from your Oxy pads are gone!

In the collection are:
• Advanced Face Wash: Up to 80% of the "AcneShield advanced salicylic acid technology" remains on your skin after rinsing
• Clinical Clearing Treatment: The micro-encapsulated benzoyl peroxide remains on the skin longer to reach the acne bacteria deep inside your pores, killing 99% in 8 hours.
• Hydrating Therapy: Salicylic acid to help unclog pores, hydration with hyaluronic acid and a "Ploy-Pore" technology to help absorb extra oil.

While I can't try out the system for a review (that salicylic acid is a pregnancy no-no), Oxy did offer to sponsor a Back to School giveaway! 2 people will win an Oxy Clinical Solutions Pack, which contains all of the above products!

To win, you'll need to follow both Oxy Skin Care and 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic and retweet the sentence below to win. You have until 5 pm EST on Friday September 3rd, open to US residents. I'll DM the winners for their shipping info!

Win an Oxy Clinical Solutions Pack! Follow @15MinBeauty and @OxySkinCare and RT to win! http://bit.ly/95tpwy #15minbeautyoxy

Oxy Clinical Solutions
The prizes are being provided by Oxy


Cynthia Bailey MD said...

Hello Christine,
Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are the best non-prescription ingredients for acne.

Benzoyl peroxide fights acne causing germs better than topical prescription antibiotics. It also decreases blackheads. It can bleach fabric, even in a soap product, and it can irritate sensitive skin.

Salicylic acid is a good pore cleaning ingredient but some people are allergic to it. When these two ingredients are combined together it can get a little tricky to figure out which one caused skin redness, if it occurs. A use test on the forearm can help.

Love your blog!
Cynthia Bailey MD, Dermatologist

Anonymous said...


I am the function coordinator for a teenage Girls Miss Sutherland event. I am looking for somebody to assist me with 200 little promo sachets of oxy.

Most of the students at the school use the product religiously and I thought it would be a great gift/promotional idea to attach to all the programs on the evening.

help!! Fiona

Christine said...

Thanks for popping in Cynthia! I love it when you comment. :D

Fiona- send me an email and I'll see if I can get you in touch with the PR rep.

I love comments! Please ask away, provide info on how you liked something, etc. Note that spam, comments with random links (which I count as spam), anything not in english (again, spam) and comments that are completely unrelated to anything will all be deleted.

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