Obsessing over a Moody Bee

I'm a big sucker for lip products. I carry a few in my pockets at all times. I have about 10-15 in my purse on any given day. And I admit to having a fairly large drawerful in my bathroom. I'm pretty picky, items that I don't love just get tossed rather than sticking around to be sticky and non-hydrating.

One of my favorite lip balms has long been the Peppermint Balm from Burt's Bees. Well, this is the smaller, family business upgrade if you will. Rather than being just peppermint, this beeswax lipbalm is Vanilla Peppermint (mmm.....).

The Moody Bee applies more easily than the Burt's Bees. Rather than feeling like a layer of wax on your lips that needs a few moments to heat up and melt into you, the Moody Bee seems to be "premelted." It has an amazing hydrating feeling as you apply it, but it is still the beeswax balm that I love! So, immediate hydration with a light layer of beeswax to help hold the moisture in to your lips.

Best of all, the Burt's lip gloss "glue" trick works equally well with Moody Bee! I learned this from a makeup artist for Becca. Apply a beeswax lipbalm (this doesn't seem to work with other balms), blot lightly with a tissue. Wait a minute or two for the remaining balm to dry (it really creates a bit of a wax layer), then apply your lip gloss. I swear this works like a charm! My lip gloss lasts for an extra hour or two if I use this trick. In addition, the application of balm before gloss really does help my lips feel so much softer.

Moody Bee is made by the Moody family in British Columbia, a small family business. If you're lucky you might run into it in stores (this will likely only happen if you live in Canada), if not you can order from their on-line store. I've been carrying tubes of Moody Bee with me everywhere, and I fully admit to taking tubes of Burt's out of my purse to replace them with Moody Bee. Yes, it is that good.

Moody Bee

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  1. Interesting, I will definitely have to try this lip trick.


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