White Sands' Porosity The Fix: Makeup for Hair that Protects and Creates Shine

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Recently I shared a product that helped to protect your hair from the heat damage brought on by styling. This was very recently. I like that product. This product also does that, but I like this product more. Why? It's more versatile (works on both wet and dry hair), makes my hair softer and I love the scent.

According to White Sands:
Based after the hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture, unnaturally high and low levels of porosity are the main causes of fragile and brittle locks. The Fix instantly reverses this unbalanced state, creating healthy, flawless hair through its restorative properties and unique ingredients including gentle silicones and natural oils. The formula’s light weight silicone membrane instantly “locks in” this moisture, while providing a revolutionary “Timed” Drying Process: the ratio of Cyclomethicones adjusts for drying time to provide maximum shine.

Basically, they say that The Fix helps to fill in any imperfections, helps even out drying, and in the process creates shiny, healthier looking hair. When used before styling your hair with heat, The Fix will not only help to protect your hair from the heat, but the heat will actually help The Fix work even better. My hair was even shinier and softer if I applied a little heat!

This is a liquid that you can spray onto your hair while it is either wet or dry. It smells amazing, like an apricot/peach mixture. I really love the scent! I use it mostly on wet hair (comb through, dry and style as usual), though I have used it on dry hair. For dry hair, a light spritz on either your hands or directly on the hair and then a light smoothing can work wonders. The end result is always very soft, smoothed and healthy looking hair with great shine! It really is amazing.

White Sand Porosity


  1. Very interesting, I never used this product. Worth checking it out!

  2. Sounds like a great product...Have to try it been looking for something like this :)

    -California Girl
    Girls Guide to Beauty

  3. Hi! New follower here! :) Thanks for the great review!


  4. wow! This makes me want this product anymore. thanks for the review :)

  5. It looks interesting (^_^)


  6. here is another great hair product, and u dont need water, YES!!!

  7. I use this product everyday. I use it on my wet hair and comb through. I have damage hair from highlighting and it makes it smoother and straighter. Wonderful product! It is a great at getting the knots out to.


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