Save Your Hair the Stress of Styling: Yuko's Repair Through

Yuko Hair Through, Leave in Conditioner
I put my hair through quite a bit each day. Inevitably, I will dry my hair (with high heat, everywhere, even the ends), frequently I'll use my flat iron (set at 410 degrees, yes I'm a bad girl because I'm impatient), and if I'm not using the iron I'm most likely using a curling iron or even hot rollers (don't judge, I love them!). So, that's a lot of heat for my colored hair to take. The result is damage, and you can tell about every 3 months when my hair suddenly devolves into a mass of split ends.

To help my combat this, the folks at Yuko (who some how knew about my over use of the flat iron) sent me a bottle of their Repair Through leave in conditioner. It contains something called Aqua-Gold, it does something with delivery of nutrients to the hair. The formula also contains amino acids and silicone (good for smoothing). You can apply it to your hair when wet or dry, and it will help to repair damage, prevent split ends, add shine and protect your hair from all of that heat.

About 2 days after the company sent me this, my hair underwent one of my spontaneous splittings (not the fault of the Repair Through, it had not yet touched my hair), so I had to wait a week or so before I started using it so I could cut off all of the offending areas. So, I started using this the day after my hair cut about 2 weeks ago, on freshly trimmed hair.

I find my results are best when I apply it to wet hair. I simply spray throughout, then gently comb through with a wide tooth comb and style as usual. When applied to dry hair (which it says you can do), I found it tended to not spread well and my hair in those areas seemed.... not quite right. It wasn't exactly greasy, but it wouldn't move naturally. So, apply to wet hair. The spray has a light natural smell, and you can't smell it at all once hair is dry.

The product is so weightless it might as well be water. I can't tell at all that it is in my hair. It does make my hair a bit softer though I'm not sure if there is any extra shine. I have no split ends right now, though it is too early to tell if this will banish them.

A leave in conditioner that doesn't weigh down my hair? I'm sold.

Yuko Repair Through


  1. I'll defo be investing in some of this! my hair takes a battering on the daily =)
    Thanks for the tip!

  2. Thanks for the review, I will try this too. I straighten my hair everyday, so my hair is super dry. I heard from others that it works as well.

  3. this is great stress style
    Beauty Care Forum

  4. SOunds good.

    My hair is often dry at the ends so I will look into this product.

  5. I love this product! I don't use anything else after I wash my hair except for Yuko's Repair Through. It makes my hair shiny and soft. I feel like I'm in one of those hair commercials after I use it! :) Yuko Cleansing Shampoo is great too! It smells like green apple, and it helps get rid of my dandruff. I love Yuko hair products! :)

  6. I've been looking for a leave-in conditioner with light natural smell and won't make my hair feel greasy. This is great! I love the packaging too!


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