A Poppy Update...

So, somehow, I'm not sure how this happened, this morning I was the #15 site in all of this Coach poppy madness! Some 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic readers have won, I have a cute poppy design on my blog... and now I have visions of the Coach shopping spree running through my head. Is this likely to happen? Um... no, not really. I'm up against mommy blogs and fashion blogs (which get a LOT more traffic than me).

How can you help out?
Tweet about the poppies, using the hashtags #CoachPoppy and #15minbeauty If you click on a black poppy it will help you tweet this automatically.
• Use the poppies to head to other participating sites.
• Hit the "like" button to like the poppies over on Facebook
• Keep an eye on the pattern, if you spot a Coach Poppy bag, click it! You've won a $100 Gift Card!

So, please keep making my poppies grow. I promise if I win there will be a great Coach contest in it for you, my readers! And I will buy the avocado (which has now progressed to an onion this week!) a really cool Coach diaper bag. That isn't black. It will be fun and colorful!


  1. Just to let you know the design on the side of your blog is covering the text of your post and I can't read it. Not sure if this is maybe just my comp tho! xxx

  2. It might just be your computer actually. It's see through on my mac, and if you widen the window it will move off of the writing. (I wish I could make it thinner, that's as small as I can make it) There's a X at the top right of it that will minimize the design as well.


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