Nitika Chopra's Morning Routine

Nitika Chopra is one of those amazing people that love life and are just full of creativity. Yes, she is a Certified Professional Life Coach. (I'm not certain still what those do.) She works in a lot of different avenues, from hosting her own television show for a South Asian channel (with that hair she is perfect for television) to commercials and independent films, Nitika is everywhere. In particular, I love her website, Your Bella Life, which has tips on all sorts of topics ranging from cooking to travel and of course, beauty. Just thinking about how much she does makes me tired!

Lucky for us, she's agreed to share some of her morning routine wisdom with us! I hope you enjoy her contribution.

Living in a world where time is money and we often feel like we don’t have enough of either, there are a few things you can do in the morning to allow yourself to be centered and go through your day with ease. See what simple actions I take every morning in order to ensure everyday is my best day!

1) The greatest tool I use in the morning is one that doesn’t cost a penny; you just have to set an alarm. I have found over the years that waking up with more than enough time to get ready and relax in the morning is incredibly valuable. Whether you are in to meditation, or dancing around your apartment listening to Janet Jackson, do not rush as soon as you wake up and you will be surprised how much peace you feel.

2) One of the most refreshing things for me to do in the morning is give my face a good wash. I choose to do this with one of my all time favorites, Soy Face Cleanser from Fresh. It suits my skin no matter what condition it is in, and the cool creamy formula is loaded with amino acids and botanicals to keep your skin looking and feeling like you can start your day. The gorgeous scent of cucumber and rose is ultra nurturing as well!

3) We all have that one feature that we feel "as long as (insert feature here) looks good, everything will be ok". Some women feel they must have the perfect pout; others must have rosy cheeks, for me it is all about the hair. I don't actually DO much to it, but it needs to look right for me to feel confident. My process is simple, and I promise you that if I can do it so can you!! First I spray Redken's Fresh Curls Curl Boost because it cuts out the frizz and leaves my hair looking naturally wavy, versus bad perm in the 80's curly. After a few sprays in my wet hair, I flip my hair over and diffuse my hair on medium heat. For those of you who aren't sure what a diffuser it, it is that funny looking cone-like object that you can buy as an attachment for your blow dryer. Diffusers are easier to use then some people might think and can be found at most local beauty supply stores.

4) I have always leaned towards a no makeup face versus an overly done face. However, lately I find that wearing no makeup at all just doesn’t cut it in all the meetings I have going on. My healthy compromise is to wear minimal makeup that doesn’t damage your skin and is made with enriching ingredients! I am a self proclaimed tarte cosmetics junkie and have rarely looked anywhere else since I discovered their makeup line. My morning routine always consists of me dressing up my lashes with their stellar Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara which adds a dramatic side to my over all look. This is often followed by one of the many tarte lip stains or glosses I have in my makeup kit, lately I have been going with their rise & shine natural lip stain & lip-enhancing lip gloss in nectar which is stunning for summer.

I know the options are limitless for how to put yourself together in the morning, but I suggest you cut out the fuss and frustration and keep it simple. By having a few techniques and helpful tricks to fall back on you can ensure that your morning will go smoothly and be able to set the tone for a colorful and fun day ahead!

Your Bella Life


  1. Great tips for all of us challenged with trying to put ourselves together!

  2. Love this Nitika!! Was wondering how you get your hair to look so awesome!! I have similar hair in its natural state, so will be trying your little routine!! Love it - thank you!!

    Laurie B

  3. Wow this was so helpful! I have wavy hair similiar to one in the picture and I can never figure out how to tame it! Also looking into that beauty line for sure!


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