The Kardashian Secret to Great Hair? Elnett!

Elnett Hair Spray, Review, Kourtney Kardashian
Recently I was sent these pics of Kourtney Kardashian seriously stocking up on something in her local Walgreen's. Can you see what is inside that little basket?

(Don't worry about her amazing hair, it's pulled back into a pony tail and then braided. In the other pics of this Walgreen's run it is quite cute and obviously there, she has not pulled a Britney on us. Though Scott would drive me bananas with his crazy shirts and attitude, so I might consider something drastic if he was my baby daddy. Though, if Mama Kris says he's growing up, I'm feeling a bit better for Kourt. Kris is pretty hard on Scott (like all good moms should be), so obviously he must be behaving himself in the last few months.)

I digress. That's a lot of discussion about a show I don't really watch. I've seen about 5 episodes. I would watch way more if there was no Scott, if only to check out the Dash sisters hair and makeup changes. I do think the Kardashian sisters have style and amazing hair. I love it.

Move on to see what's in the basket.

Elnett Hair Spray, Review, Kourtney Kardashian
In that Walgreen's basket is a huge amount of Elnett hairspray. I can't think that Kourtney is going to use it all up herself. It must be also for Kris, Kim, Khloe... you get the picture. They all have great hair, and obviously if you've spent that much time making it look great, you need to keep your style looking that way.

Elnett is probably still best known in the US as the hair spray that people cart over from Europe by the case. Why? Because until just a few years ago, it was not available here, and the stuff really is just that good. There is a slight difference in the Elnett available across the pond currently. Apparently the US does not allow the propellant that is used in the European version of Elnett, so the spray is slightly different here in the US. Personally, I bought a can of Elnett in Paris about 2 years ago, just to compare it to the US version. I could see a slight difference in the spray when it was in the air (the European version is finer), but once it was on my hair there was no difference at all. Perhaps a pro could tell, but I couldn't.

What is so great about Elnett? The hold is amazing. The spray is fine and spreads evenly throughout hair. It doesn't feel sticky and hair can actually move when you've used it. It's pretty much perfect hair spray. I love it, and I've probably bought about 4 or 5 cans of it since it landed here in the US.

If you haven't tried it yet, this is your chance! I have 2 cans of Elnett to giveaway. Enter below, the contest is open to US Residents only. Good luck!

You can find Elnett at mass market retailers throughout the US. I've found it at Target, Walgreen's, CVS and I think Walmart.

I bought my own Elnett to review (Ok, I used the can I had already bought)
The Elnett for the contest was provided by L'Oreal


Pam @ diy Design Fanatic said...

Thanks for the tip! I am always looking for a good hairspray.

Stavroula said...

I generally don't use hairspray, but in case I need one, I'll definitely get this! ;)


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