A Blast from the Past: Borghese Fango Active Mask

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One of my favorite activities in high school was roaming the beauty section (ok, 2 aisles) at my local Meijer. If you're not from the midwest, Meijer is basically similar to a Super Walmart, but with better grocery. So, you could buy bulk gummy bears, get new tires for your car (really), a goldfish or you could obsess over the 10 different types of Noxema, which is what I usually did.

One day, I struck gold. Stuck on the top shelf of an end cap (super high up, where I could see it because I'm pretty tall, but I know the other trolling high school girls were too short to see it), hidden somewhat behind a tacky display of Designer Imposters, was a little bag of Borghese travel products. How this ended up at Meijer, I do not know. At the time, I could only find Borghese at my local Hudson's Department Store (truly dating myself here, they later merged with a few other department stores and are now part of Macy's.)

Anyways, I knew of the fabled Borghese Fango mask, I visited it at Hudson's and lusted after it, but alas, I could not afford it with my baby sitting and fudge maker budget. (True story, in high school I spent summers making fudge. I was the girl with the big marble slab. I could make good swirls and dip pretzels into chocolate with the best of them.) So, I found this little travel pack. I forget what else was in it, but it had a little tube of Fango. This beauty find made my month! I was so excited! For the bargain price of about $15, I could try Fango.

This little tube was treated with great reverence. I used a small amount of it on my t-zone, and only before special events. Dances qualified, and usually opening night of a play (I was in a lot of plays in high school, it was my way of torturing myself out of my shyness. It somewhat worked, though I'm still very shy in big groups to this day). My tube of Fango was my pride and joy. I used the last bit of it right before I left for college.

This year, Borghese is celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Holy Grail worthy mud mask.

Just what is so great about this stuff? It is a mud mask that cleans out your pores, tightens and even provides a light amount of moisture, all without feeling like it is removing the outer layer of your skin.

It is a little bit thinner than other mud masks, which does make it easier to get out of the tube and also makes spreading a light, thin layer incredibly easy. As it dries, you can feel your skin tightening though note that it is not painful. I recommend washing it off slowly and using the residual mask as a scrub. Note that Borghese recommends leaving it on for 3-5 minutes and then rinsing off while still moist for the best results. I've done this and I've let it dry on my face fully (about 10-15 minutes) and both ways work well.

The end result of all this? Glowing skin, with smaller pores, fewer blackheads and all in about 15 minutes! Totally worth it.

(Also, I know the jar is a better price per ounce, but if you buy Fango I recommend getting the tube. Why? To prevent your germy fingers from contaminating the pricy jar time and again. As well, I think the tube is easier to keep fully sealed, and hence not dry out all of your precious Fango. In the long run the tubes will be better. But, I fully admit I love the look of the Fango jar.)

These days you can buy Fango from major department stores and atBorghese.com

Borghese Fango Active Mud Mask


  1. I have only had a chance to try the Borghese Fango mask once: it was one of the few masks that I ever used that didn't make me want to scratch my face. My face felt so refreshed and clean after using it.

  2. lol I remember my mom had a jar of this and I didn't know anything about makeup then, so I would only use it grudgingly when my mom persuaded me. Now that I know what it is, I'm quite glad she did...XD

  3. I've never used a mask since before, because I was having problems with skin irritations. I hope I will have the chance to use this.


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