The Best of The Emmy's 2010: My Favorite Hair Styles and How to Get Them

I have to admit that I was largely uninspired by this year's Emmy Awards. More ugly dresses than usual (from Anna Paquin, January Jones, Heidi Klum and what on earth happened to Mindy Kaling on her way to the Red Carpet??) and definitely not as many of the great looks as usual. (My faves were Keri Russell, Lea Michelle, Kyra Sedgewick and Julie Benz).

For me, the real standouts on The Red Carpet weren't dresses, accessories or even the makeup looks. It was all about hair for me! I definitely had my favorite hair styles, and lucky for me, the people over at Rusk sent an email with the looks I was loving. Read on to see which were my favorite and how to create them yourself!

First, I need to say how happy I am that Kyra won! I feel like television has been overrun by horrible reality shows (how many Real Housewives can there be??), so a quality drama feels fresh and interesting. About 6 weeks ago my husband and I started watching The Closer, and I'm regretting that we missed earlier seasons! The plots are interesting and forever offering unexpected twists and turns. There's some personal development of the characters, though they haven't become the main focus (and hence turned the show into a soap opera. Hello ER.) And, I just love the writing and acting. Kyra deserved this win!

Her long and wavy hair is what I would love to achieve in my every day life, if only my wavy hair would cooperate! I admit that I did just get a sample of the Rusk Deepshine Oil, so I'll be putting this look to the test. I did have my (wet) hair up in a bun yesterday, and when I took it down about 6 hours later my hair was still very wet, though I did have some looser, pretty wave. For those of us with thick hair, this might be better with a few smaller buns and maybe a hit of the blow dryer to get things going. I recommend checking out the Goody Spin Pin to keep your bun in place easily without creating ridges from a ponytail holder. I bought the Spin Pins at Target about 2 weeks ago, they really do work!

Start this look of with healthy, shiny hair. Apply a few drops of RUSK’s Deepshine Oil to soaking wet hair as a smoothing product. This will seal down your cuticle, providing shine, while simultaneously protecting your color. Next, distribute an egg-sized amount of volumizing foam throughout damp hair. Tightly twist your hair into a high bun on the top of your head and secure with a holder. Allow your hair to air dry and then release the bun to reveal amazing texture and soft waves!
-Rusk Creative Stylist Sherri Jessee

Again, a look I would love to add to my daily routine. I tend to revert to the ponytail quite a bit (especially at work), so this alternative from Tina Fey is a nice way to keep things interesting.

Create the needed texture and fullness by applying a liberal misting of RUSK’s Thick Body and Texture Amplifier. To achieve the additional fullness Tina has in the crown area, tease the hair softly throughout the top. Lightly smooth your hair back into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic. Take a small section of your hair and wrap it around to cover the elastic and secure with a bobby pin. If you have bangs, like Tina, gently comb them over to the side and spray the entire look with a firm hold hairspray – try RUSK’s W8less Hairspray for long lasting hold.
-Rusk Creative Stylist Sherri Jessee

A more glam version of Kyra's hair, perfect for work or going out for dinner!

Use your flat iron to create gentle waves. Begin by applying a heat protectant throughout your hair – try RUSK’s Thermal Shine Spray to eliminate frizz and add shine. Place your hair in the iron while holding it vertically. Twist the iron 180 degrees and slowly run the iron down the hairshaft to the end. The faster you move the iron, the more gentle the wave.
-Rusk Creative Stylist Sherri Jessee

I bought the Goody Spin Pins I mentioned myself.
I did just (about 30 minutes ago) receive a package with 2 Rusk products to sample. I haven't tried them yet, and in fact this post was mostly written before I received the package. I don't think this biased me. :D

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