A Volumizing, Super Hydrating Hair Mask: Ojon's Volumizing 2 Minute Hair Mask

Ojon Volumizing 2 Minute Hair Mask, Fine Hair, Limp, Hydrating, review
Just the other day readers on this very blog were complaining about not being able to use a hair treatment on their entire hair shaft. Apply most hair masks or conditioning treatments near your roots, and you will be sorry. Likely for days on end. Why? Your hair will be limp and volume nearly impossible to achieve.

Well, those of you that want to hydrate all of your hair, including near your roots, need look no further. This is also great for those with fine or thin hair that in the past have not been able to tolerate deep treatments at all. Ojon has been looking out for you, and they have created a 2 Minute Volumizing Hair Mask. Truly.

This mask looks just like most other masks, it's a thick white cream in a big tub. It smelled somewhat fruity and green to me (delish!), but I can't really explain it more than that. Ojon states that it contains a "refreshing green floral note", and I do think that's pretty accurate. Regardless, the scent is light and I noticed it while it was on my hair, but this wasn't a scent that followed me around all day (which is something I hate, when I walk around smelling my hair products all day). Again, love that Ojon has figured this out about me and created a perfect product. For me. I swear.

So, I "sacrificed" my good hair days to you, my readers. Well, I tried to do so. I've now used this hair mask 3 times, and with each use I've used about 2 tablespoons or so of the product, applying it liberally throughout my hair and have on purpose applied quite a bit of it to my scalp. And my roots. And cringed as I did so. I was envisioning days of limp hair and nothing but pony tails.

And what happened? Absolutely nothing. Oh, my hair was definitely hydrated and soft and shiny, just as it should be after a great hair treatment like Ojon. My hair really loved it. But there were no issues with volume. If anything, my hair seemed a bit... bouncier? Like I actually had better hair? With more volume? I didn't believe it at first (hence the 3 different testings), but each use yielded the same results. Shiny, soft hair that had improved volume, despite having been treated on my roots. Best of all, the treatment only took 2 minutes, the same time I typically use a regular conditioner!

I'm calling this a Holy Grail worthy hair product! This is one I'm going to keep in my shower for years to come.

Ojon Volumizing 2 Minute Hair Mask

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  1. Will definitely have to try this. I ALWAYS need more volume. I actually love Shu Uemura's Muroto Volume. It's a root-to-tip treatment that makes hair bouncy while infusing weightless hydration.

    Thanks for sharing yours!


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