The NEW Pantene: Is it Better?

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You may have noticed something on your last trip to the store. The Pantene section likely looked very different. The old stand by products were gone, and there were new formulations in their place.

So, the bad news is that you can't just keep using the same shampoo that you've had since high school. The good news is that you can't just keep using the same shampoo that you've had since high school. Because the new Pantene is way better than the old Pantene, and that's saying a lot!

So, first you will need to pick your primary product group. Go with whatever primarily describes your hair, there are further options within each group to address primary problems. I went with Colored Hair since I recently did an all over color to match my roots (in the process I discovered that I now have my mom's auburn hair color- had no idea! Love it!), and then went for the Shine products since I was feeling a bit blah that week.

The groups are:
• Fine Hair: Flat to Volume, Dry to Moisturized, Fragile to Strong
• Medium-Thick Hair: Frizzy to Smooth, Dry to Moisturized, Breakage to Strength, Flat to Volume
• Colored Hair: Preserve Shine, Preserve Volume, Preserve Smooth, Expressions (slowly deposits color in your hair)
• Curly Hair: Dry to Moisturized, Curl to Straight

There are styling products within the groups as well, and I recommend that you pick out a shampoo/conditioner duo that works for your main issue, then go for the styling products that you can swap out depending on what you want to do that day. So, I had the Curly Anti-Frizz Straightening Créme as my main styling product, as my wavy hair needs to be straightened.

How are the products? Every thing is different even the scent. My products had a light floral scent that I really liked, though I can't describe really how this floral scent was different from the old Pantene. It just is somehow fresher and a bit lighter. The shampoo has a nice lather (yes, I know, it says nothing about how well it is cleaning my hair, but I love a good lather!), the conditioner is very thick and creamy and both rinse out well. After the conditioner my hair just feels thicker and well hydrated, I swear it's just as good as an intensive treatment! With just these two products alone my hair definitely felt different. The shine was noticeably more. I had super soft and hydrated hair. And there was amazing volume! I was definitely a happy girl.

The styling product I used, Curly Anti-Frizz Straightening Créme is going to be a staple in my routine, can just tell. It has the same feel and consistency as a conditioner, and the same floral scent as the other products. I put 2-3 pumps in my hair (about the size of a quarter), and combed it from the roots to the tips. I then dried and styled my hair as usual. My hair is somewhat wavy and is prone to frizz. Without straightening, I pretty much look like a puffy mess. With this creme in my hair I was able to forget about needing to flat iron my hair (love!), simply drying my hair with a brush was enough. Once dried I could not tell that this product was in my hair- I had volume and softness, and there was no added weight. My hair moved well and was just... straight. Like it should be. For about $6 this product is a steal.

If you are a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of Pantene products they do have a Personal Consultation program that will help you pick out the best products for you.



  1. I love the Time Renewal Replenishing Mask... the only issue I've found with it is if I get it near my roots. It's great for the ends of my hair, but will weigh it down on the roots. However, it moisturizes like crazy.

  2. I have the Color Nourishing treatment (just haven't tried it yet, I was already testing another hair mask when it arrived), and I'm excited to try it out. I'm not too surprised that you can't use it near your roots though. In the past only the not very intensive weekly treatments are the only ones I've been able to use near my roots.

  3. I'm going to have to try this--I guess almost everyone in the world will be forced to adapt to the change, eh? But I'm glad to see that they've revamped the selection process--giving you something for your type and then adding/swapping out styling products. I don't know how many times I've stood around trying to decide if I should do "smoothing," "moisturizing," "curl control" or WHAT!

  4. I think what is great is that you don't need to pick between a few problems that you have, but can really go for the main one since (at least for me) the product seemed to help a few problems. Even though I had Shine, it helped with Volume and definitely was very moisturizing.

  5. Awesome! thank you. I will definitely be checking these out at my next trip. I'm liking the sounds of that styling creme. It may be just what I was looking for.

  6. Oh rats, i can't believe they changed the Pantene scent. I LOVED it!

  7. OTG-
    I don't think it's very different, just a slightly fresher, lighter version of what they already had. At least that was my impression when I compared the new to some of my old bottles.


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