Neutrogena's Age Shield + Repair Anti-Aging Sunblock

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Yet another great sunscreen from Neutrogena. They seem to really have hit on something with their combination of active sunscreen ingredients. All of their products feature this combination, which gives these sunscreens full UV spectrum coverage and with the Helioplex combination everything is more stable in the sun.

The Age Shield formulation boasts 2 additional ingredients to help fight aging. The first is "Essential Soy", which Neutrogena states is proven to help reduce the appearance of sun spots and discoloration. I haven't seen any info on Essential Soy, so I can't confirm or deny this claim, though I will say that I'm not jazzed about the name of the ingredient. It just reminds me too much of an essential amino acid, which really is "essential" to your body. I think this is likely just me and my nerdiness though. The sunscreen also contains Vitamin E, an anti-oxidant to help fight UV damage.

The formula is pretty similar to Neutrogena's Spectrum+ Sunscreen with a mild sunscreen smell, easy blendability and both formulations are non-greasy. It doesn't feel heavy on the skin (though I can still tell it is present) though the Age Shield formulation is a little bit thicker on the skin. It wasn't enough to bother me.

Though this formulation is waterproof and sweatproof, I highly recommend reapplying after doing anything in the water. I did wear it in the pool, but immediately after I got out it felt like all of my sunscreen had been washed away. I could feel myself burning! Definitely reapply.

This product line features Helioplex, which basically means they have formulated the product to have the Avobenzone (which is known to be finicky) to be very photostable.

Neutrogena's Age Shield + Repair Anti-Aging Sunblock


  1. I really like your graphic of UV coverage, it's great to help readers understand the functionality of the various sunscren ingredients. My 50+ year old brain is happy to have mastered the basics of Wordpress, but hopefully I'll branch out into great graphics and fonts at some point. For now, I'm limited to photos and dermatologic skin care content. Nice job, I covet your tech skills.
    Cynthia Bailey MD

  2. I was definitely confused by what covered what part of the UV spectrum until I found the list of what the FDA considers each ingredient to cover. I made the graphic to just show it off that much easier- no need to remember that there are 2 parts of UVA!

    I think it's part of my intensive care background. We're fairly simple people, I do ABC's and I remember things by breaking them down into easy physiology and following the basic principles. It's the only way I remember how things like complex congenital heart disease patients will react to meds!


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