My Mani this Week: Duri Celebrity Scandal

Duri's Celebrity Scandal gives the look of those expensive Minx metallic manicures, without the hassle of going to a salon. The color is a shiny silver with just a touch of tarnish, and there isn't a brush stroke in sight! The wear is so-so (4 days for a mani instead of my usual 5-7), but the ability to get this look at home (and be able to touch it up myself) outweighs that.

Duri Nail Polish


  1. I didn't think I would be into silver nails but i quite like these, there pretty cool

  2. I love that colour.
    On a related note, I'm finally buying Seche Vite solely on your recommendation - I'm pretty sure you said it was your fave top coat? Was there a good base coat that I should get?

  3. Henna-
    SV is definitely my favorite top coat. For base coats I like either Orly Bonder or CND Stickey usually. I heard from a friend recently that Stickey had been reformulated and is even better, but I haven't had a chance to check into that yet. Essie also makes a really good one, First Base.

    If you wear a lot of Zoya I'd recommend checking into their base coat/top coat combo. I can't get any other products to work well with their colors, but the pair works ok with OPI, Essie, etc. The top coat just isn't quick dry though, which I miss when I use Zoya.

    I hope you're doing great Henna! I've been thinking of you, I'm using a Satchel purse right now from Michael Kors and everytime I pick it up I think of you and our shopping in So Ho. :D

  4. I am wondering how difficult this polish was to remove. I tried a sparkly polish over the holidays and it took a ton of remover to get it off. Now I fear any polish that looks at all sparkly.

  5. Anon-
    The polish was very easy to remove, no more difficult than regular polish. Very glittery polish are well known to be difficult to remove. Polishes with just a little bit of sparkle shouldn't be any harder to remove than a regular creme polish.

    When I'm removing a polish like that I do a few things differently.

    First, I use a cut up piece of craft felt (the kind you buy for 19 cents at Michaels, I use white and cut it into 6 pieces). It's a bit sturdier and I can put more pressure on the polish using that instead of a cotton pad.

    I tend to be bad and use acetone to remove glitter polishes. A single removal isn't going to ruin your cuticles or nails, though I admit I wash my hands immediately and then will moisturize heavily.

    The last thing that helps quite a bit is if you soak the polish a little bit. I met Deborah Lippmann (!!) backstage at fashion week last year, thanks to my friend Michelle at All Lacquered Up. Deborah said that she takes cotton and puts nail polish remover on the cotton, then puts this over the nail and lets it sit for a few minutes. It sinks into the polish and makes it much easier to remove.

  6. I definitely love that color! I'm always looking for cheaper alternatives to a professional manicure or high-end brands of nail polish so I'm going to have to check this one out. I also agree with the ability to get a freshly done mani at home outweighs the lasting factor (even though I think 4 days is perfect since I switch my color every few days).

  7. I know it's ages later, but I'm finally getting Stickey and Bonder. My nails are healthy enough to grow and I want to test these out before holiday parties start!

    But darn, Stickey is expensive! $10 for a .33oz bottle!

    Hope you're well too, Christine, and congrats on the pregnancy! I can't wait to read your baby product reviews soon.



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