Murad's New Hybrid Eye Lifts

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Recently I checked out the new Murad Hybrid face primers, so I thought today I'd tell you more about their Eyelifts, 2 products meant to improve your under eye area.

When I was in my medical training (yes, I worked like a dog for the 6 years after medical school), sleep and I were sometimes not really friends, more like mere acquaintances. Being on call every 4th night (and usually not even laying down, let alone sleeping during those shifts), meant my sleep-wake cycle could be disturbed for days. I would finally sort myself out... just in time to be on call again. Combined with super pale skin (the better to show off dark circles) and my under eye areas could sometimes be really ugly. I had all sorts of primers and concealers to help cope with this issue, and while they helped not much could make me look awake.

While these two products won't correct all issues that your under eye area might have, they do help create a better area for your concealer to do its job! Both come in a pen which twists to release the product. I love that the channel to release is actually very thin, so you actually do have a lot of control over how much you use. The consistency is similar to a light lotion, and both blend easily into the under eye area. As an added bonus, the formulas contain a ton of peptides, which help in the long term with stimulating collagen production.

Eye Lift Perfector
The Perfector is a light skin tone color, and contains ingredients to hydrate (Sodium Hyaluronate) and depuff your under eye area. It does take about 10-15 minutes to see the full effect of the depuffing, but the hydrating works right away to create a great canvas for your concealer. You'll still need that concealer, I don't really see any coverage at all from the coloring of this product, which is fine since it comes in only one shade. Once the 15 minutes is up I did notice my bags were smaller due to the depuffing. I have to say this one worked!

Eye Lift Illuminator
The Illuminator is a violet color corrector, so it will mostly help if your under eye area needs brightening (the violet corrects yellow tones). I promise that it will not leave you looking disturbingly purple, a la Edward Scissorhands. It actually does just what it says- it blends in easily (can't see it is on once you've blended), and is hydrating. This version does not depuff, but I did think things "tightened" a tad. My undereye area did benefit from the violet color correction, and that effect is not lost if you apply concealer over.

Murad Hybrids

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  1. Looks wonderful. Great reading your post as well. Thank you for the information you provided.


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