Murad's Hybrid Face Primers

Murad Hybrid Face Primers, review
I know what you're thinking... This Christine girl must really, really love primers, because she's constantly reviewing them! Well, it just happens that a few have come out recently, and when offered a chance to try them out, what is a beauty addict to say?

Anyways, Murad has released a great line of 4 new "Hybrids", meaning they're not quite makeup, but not quite skincare either. Instead, these products do some of each! For example, these face primers contain hydroxy acids and Sodium Hyaluronate for holding moisture to the skin.

The primers come in 2 different version, Matte or Dewy. Obviously pick the version that you want your skin to me, which for me this time of year is Matte. The primers are both a "universal color" which means for me they are a nude foundation color that is actually about 6 shades darker than my skin. It doesn't seem to matter however, since I don't really notice that is provides any coverage. It applies easily and blends in well, and I can't see it on my skin once it is on. I do think that it creates a great base for my makeup to go over it, and my pores are a bit less noticeable. Perhaps most notable is the mattifying effect. While I'm not incredibly matte (like I am when I use MoM on my face), there is about a 75% decrease in my shine factor, which is pretty impressive considering the heat and humidity we've been experiencing this month in the midwest. The end result is a more natural look than with MoM (which can make me look a bit too matte, which is also not a good thing), so I definitely do like this primer.

I have to confess that I have the dewy primer as well, but haven't felt that I need added dewy factor for my complexion this summer. I'm saving that one for the winter, when my combination skin veers toward the dry side and a bit of dewy will be much appreciated. I'll update on how I like that primer then.

Murad Hybrids


  1. Oooh, I've already starred this on blogger. I've been looking for a good mattifying primer to use with my MMU and this sounds perfect!

  2. I'm a fan of primers! I think the packaging on these is just gorgeous! Did you find that they were too damp or didn't dry quickly enough for your liking?

  3. Anon-
    MoM is Milk of Magnesia. You can read more about using it as a super mattifying primer Here. It definitely works, and is very cheap. However, it is pretty powerful stuff and can dry out the skin or make your face look like a desert. Use with caution!

    I love it, perfect for this humid weather we're having right now!

    SSC- I didn't find it was too damp. It feels just like a very light foundation and dried pretty much immediately, which I loved.


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