Maximum Lash Final Results: Definitely Longer Lashes

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About 11 weeks ago I started using Maximum Lash, one of the more affordable eye lash conditioners out there on the market. And while I did remember to use the product every night (yay me!) I did slack on my promise to share results with everyone weekly. Well, honestly, watching lashes grow is like... Watching lashes grow. Kind of boring. And not much happening until suddenly one day... Bam! Your eye lashes are finally noticeably longer.

Of note, there have been a few interesting articles on-line about Latisse, and why it is regulated. (Check them out on and The New York Times.)

I just want to take a moment to be on my soap box and remind everyone that prescription drugs should only be used under the supervision of a doctor, more specifically a doctor you have actually seen. Please don't buy prescription drugs on-line. Yes, I know you want to use Latisse to have longer, thicker eyelashes, which doesn't sound like a big deal. But your eyes are right there! Don't risk your vision!

So, read on to see how this non-prescription and non-vision risking product worked for me.

So, I think it is hard to really see the results in these pictures, because despite trying different lighting for about an hour worth of photos, I had some issues. Plus, the tips of my lashes are pretty blonde and they really did not want to show up. If you look carefully in the pics above, you can see that my lashes are maybe a bit thicker, but when you compare (when I'm looking up) how long my lashes are before and after you'll see the difference. They are definitely closer to my brow when I'm looking up in the after picture.

In real life, I have definitely noticed a difference in lash length. I have to be careful which sunglasses I wear now (my lashes hit the lenses of 2 pairs and cause smudges, luckily my cute Marc Jacobs pair is fine), and with mascara to show off those little blonde tips my lashes look insanely long. Strangely enough, the effect is not uniform across my lashes. Overall my lashes are longer, but there are definitely some lashes that are super long. The effect with mascara is pretty nice actually, it almost looks like I do have a few false lashes on, and I like it. I have not noticed a big difference in overall lash thickness.

Maximum Lash


  1. That's incredible! Eyes and lashes are my big beauty obsession, so I'm definitely going to get my hands on some of this product. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  2. I've been using L'Oreal's new lash serum and found that my lashes are a bit longer and thicker. Though same thing...not uniformly. I'll take it tho!

  3. OTG-
    That's the one I'm going to try next! Just trying to decide how long I should wait in between products.

  4. Just a quick update!

    My parents came over yesterday (they live a few hours away) and I had seen them about 3 weeks ago, but for some reason yesterday my mom REALLY noticed my lashes. I wonder if the effects of the Maximum Lash are even more pronounced after 11 weeks than they were at 8 weeks?

    Regardless, she was impressed, she didn't think the pictures here really did my lashes justice. I ended up sending her home with Talika, another one of the lash boosters. She promises before and after pictures!

  5. Hi, I just read your post, Can you please post all the ingredients? I looked up Prostaglandin analogue and seems like its a drug for glaucoma, so I'm wondering if it contains the same ingredient as those that need a Rx.

  6. Hi Alma,
    Unfortunately I no longer have the product or the packaging (I threw it away when I ran out, and since I'm testing other products instead I haven't repurchased it).
    I don't know what the exact name of the prostaglandin analogue was in this product, but I can tell you that it is NOT the same drug for glaucoma that needs the prescription. That ingredient is regulated by the FDA and is owned by Allergan, who is now well aware of the potential of this ingredient and watching other companies like a hawk. As well, the FDA is monitoring the situation after all the hubbub a few years ago.
    I'm currently trying out the L'Oreal product from drugstores and it seems to be working pretty well. Sorry I couldn't help more.


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