Clairol's Mirror Moments in Grand Central Station

I had to share this because not only is it incredibly funny, but it's also for a great cause!

Clairol Nice ‘n Easy launched their Mirror Moments campaign. Angela Kinsey (NBC’s The Office), plays Nice ‘n Easy’s “Guardian Girlfriend” (aka Gigi). Recently they set up an interactive mirror in Grand Central Station. When passersby stopped to look in the mirror, Angela magically appeared to give them haircolor feedback and tips. The video of everyone's responses is pretty funny, I especially loved the little boy that dragged his mom over there, and then took off running!

Every time the video is shared with friends, Nice ‘n Easy pledges to donate $1 to Dress for Success Worldwide (up to $50,000). In addition to the monetary donation, Nice ‘n Easy will also donate product to help women look their best! So, check it out, then e-mail it to friends!

Nice ‘n Easy’s Mirror Moments Video

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