Channeling Veronica Lake: Oribe at Armani Privé Fall 2010

Armani Prive Fall 2010, hair, Oribe, Old Hollywood Hair
The Armani Privé Fall 2010 show was this week in Paris, and I’m in love. I know what you are thinking, weren’t the fall shows ages ago? Well, these are the Couture shows, not the Ready to Wear most of us pay more attention to. You can see more about the collection over on, but the focus of my love is primarily the hair. OMG, the hair….

It’s Veronica Lake, but it’s not. It’s more modern, more natural with movement than Veronica’s perfect waves. The buttery shades of blonde almost made me cry when I first saw them, regretting dying my hair a more natural brunette last month.

I received an e-mail about how the look was created, which was a little light on the details. What I can tell you is that Oribe described the look as “super-soft and glamorous… it’s rich looking with a bit of texture. It’s a very blown out look that almost sweeps into the models’ faces. We kept a little curl at the front, with everything mostly straight at the back.”

Oribe says to “start with a really soft blowout, making sure to keep quality texture.” I’m not certain what that means, other than that he likely means your hair should be soft and move, not become a helmet due to so much product. He recommends Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray. “You should be able to move the hair… There should be nothing stiff about it whatsoever.”

While there was no mention of a curling iron, I think a few twists with a large (>1 1/2″) barrel curling iron in the front will achieve the right amount of wave. Just finger comb after curling. Oribe finished with Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray to lock in the style and keep the movement.

This is the hair I’m wearing this Fall.


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  1. July 11, 2010 / 2:41 pm

    That's literally exactly how i want my hair to look. Leave it to Oribe…sigh.

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