Sebastian's Volupt Collection: Foolproof Volume for Your Hair

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The whole idea of a volumizing hair product makes me a bit nervous. Typically they work in one of two ways: They coat my hair with something that makes it feel somewhat stiff and since I have so much hair that coating usually works against me and weighs down my hair resulting in flatter hair. The other option isn't exactly appealing either. Those products usually roughen up the cuticle on the hair. True, the hair shaft is thicker then, but it will feel rough, won't reflect light, and is prone to breakage then. Dull hair is not pretty hair.

So, if I'm somewhat down on most volumizing shampoos and conditioners, what am I doing featuring one from Sebastian? Isn't it the same old thing? Not exactly.

Sebastion Volupt, Volumizing, Cushion Technology
So, this is the image that shows why Volupt is different, it is called Cushion Technology. Basically, the products deposit little particles that adhere to your hair (the blue things), which act very similarly to a roughened up cuticle. They enable the hair shaft to be larger and give you volume. But, to prevent hair from feeling rough, a second type of particle (the pink) smoothes things out and and keeps your hair feeling soft. You can't even tell the particles are there. Notice that the hair shaft itself is left basically undisturbed, with the cuticle lying flat, so you'll have soft feeling hair with shine (yay, shine!).

Sebastian does talk about hair fibers crossing over to create more volume. True, this smacks a bit of hair spray (I'm just imagining all of those hairs crossing sticking, yuck). I'd just ignore that bit of the technology. Maybe the hair cross, I have no idea. Because I didn't notice anything with my hair. It seemed to lie normally and have great movement.

The Volupt line has three products. Shampoo, Conditioner and a volume building spray. The shampoo and conditioner are pretty basic when you initially use them. They both have a light fragrance. The shampoo has nice foaming. The conditioner feels like it would be hydrating. They both rinse out well. Everything that you expect from using a well known salon brand. But you'll notice the difference once you style your hair. Even without using any products, I noticed that my hair definitely had volume, but it felt very soft and healthy with great shine. It moved normally. It was just volume the way everyone wants it.

The Volupt Spray can be used on wet hair to help add even more volume when used on wet hair. It does have a little hold associated with it, and if hair is allowed to air dry it did seem to help lock in my waves. The spray does not feel sticky and by using it after the shampoo/conditioner duo I did have even more volume.

Currently Sebastian is selling the Volupt Collection in a kit (see above) that contains all three products and a makeup case! Grab it if you see it at your local salon (I bet you could find it at ULTA as well).

Sebastian is holding a contest right now to send a lucky winner to New York! You can enter on their website

Sebastian Professional

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  1. Amazing... And unbelievable!
    I love Sebastian products. I live in Brazil and since the salons here sell Sebastian for a very high price, last time I was in the US I bought a huge quantity of shampoos, conditioners and mascaras... Enough for a year! ;p
    I found that Sebastian's shampoo / conditioner Body Double, discontinued a few years ago... But the result was mostly what you said: volumous but dry hair.
    I can't waid to try Volupt Collection! Love your blogger!

    Regards from Brazil,


    PS: just found out that you're a doctor! Guess what: me too!!! I'm studying to become an OB/GYN. Just loved knowing that we share the same lack of time! Kisses and I'll be waiting for your visit: :)


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