Lauren Luke Looks: Easy Makeup From a Book?

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Lauren Luke is a huge success because of her amazing You Tube tutorials. She somehow manages to take the most complicated looks and bring them down to much more manageable steps. She shows you exactly where she applies that bright blue eye shadow and then how much she blends it with her finger. If you don't have a pearly light pink shadow at home, she offers alternatives that would work just as well. These straight forward, easy to follow tutorials are definitely the key to her success.

When Lauren's newest book, Lauren Luke Looks, was released I was hopeful that it would be an easier to use source of inspiration and looks for me. After all, who wants to tote their laptop into the bathroom each day to watch a 10 minute YouTube video? Not I.

The book features 25 different looks, mostly celeb inspired (as are most of the looks Lauren features in her videos). You'll find vintage looks such as Twiggy up to Lady Gaga and Vanessa Hudgens. When she goes into detail for each look, you can see why she chose to feature it. Most of them are great looks for going out or every day that likely won't go out of style for years to come.

Truthfully, I'm still a bit undecided on this book. What Lauren has written and the looks she has created are amazing as usual. Reading through each look is just like listening to her videos, I think it is exactly what she would say.

My issue is the photos. In her videos you can see exactly where she puts a product and how much she applies. While you obviously can't duplicate a video with a few still images, it seems as though the editors didn't really try, or they at least didn't try consistently. Some of the images are close ups showing the eyes at various steps, but you can't quite make out exactly where that gray was blended in. Those are the good images. The bad ones show Lauren from rather far away with a brush up to her eye, and it's impossible to tell what she's really doing. The looks seem to alternate between the better and worse photos, which makes me wonder if there were different people picking the photos for those looks, or at least different photographers.

Overall, I do think I'll still use this book. I'll read what Lauren wrote and try to interpret that. I had my hopes up for images that would reveal as much as her legendary videos. I hope that the next book captures that style, since I think that is much more her signature.

Lauren Luke Looks

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Thinning Hair Shampoo said...

That's a shame about the photos, but it's good to know beforehand. It seems like step-by-step illustrations should have been one of the strong-points for her book!

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