Lashx Lash Cleanse: Perhaps the Fastest Eye Makeup Remover Ever

Eye Makeup Remover, Glycol Free, Eye Lash Extension SafeI have a little bit of an obsession with finding great eye makeup removers. I have this dream of swiping once, everything is gone without any residue, I rinse and I'm done. Typically I need a few more swipes, but you get the idea.

This may be the closest I've ever been to the dream eye makeup remover. I don't even need to swipe!

Lashx Lash Cleanse was created by Celebrity Eyelash Extension Expert, Amanda Jacobellis. She realized that every eye makeup remover on the market contained glycol, which compromises the glue used on lash extensions. The result? Extension don't last as long, and there is resulting clumping and bacterial buildup (I'm assuming in the clumpy glue, the whole thing just sounds gross to me). Since this product doesn't have glycol, it is safe for those lash extensions, helping them to last longer (and look better for longer as well).

Do you need to have lash extensions to use it? Well, obviously the answer is no. It's just a great eye makeup remover. One pump of this clear gel on your fingers, then rub it on your wet lids/lashes. In about 2 seconds you'll notice that it feels like mascara just pills up and comes off immediately. It removed all of my eyeliner as well with just about 10 seconds of rubbing. It rinsed off easily with just a few splashes of water.

Just a few quick things you should know: keep your eyes closed tightly. I got a few of those little contact "pills" in my eye the first time I used this product, and it hurt. They rinsed out easily, but it still felt like sand in my eye. (Truthfully, it was totally my fault, I didn't need to open my eyes before I rinsed.) Also, it didn't take off my waterproof mascara very well. It took a few applications to take off my Cover Girl Lash Blast Waterproof.

Lashx Lash Cleanse by Makeup Mandy


  1. I need this! I'm so tired of the mascara-cleanser circle dance. Nothing seems to work and I inevitably wake up the next morning with raccoon eyes. I mean I'm not gonna scrub my eye contour...

  2. I agree with this article as i also use LAshX Lash Cleanse product which is safe for eye. Formulated without harsh cleansers or oils, this daily use solution cleanses away dirt and makeup without damaging your eye.

  3. Haven't you tried Sue Uemura Cleansing Oil yet? It's the fastest makeup remover ever, and you don't need a separate product for the face. I never used Waterproof mascara because of the pain to remove it, but now I use it every day at ease.

    If you haven't tried it, ask for a sample. You'll fall in love! Just check the reviews on the cleansing oils on-line. ;)



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