Kissaholic Lip Gloss: A Plumping Gloss that Lets You Kiss!

Booty Parlor, Kissaholic Plumping Lip Gloss reviewIn my quest to have fuller lips, I have likely tried almost every plumping product on the market. Despite this, I'm not sure I've ever noticed that a gloss has produced a big effect on my lip size, but I swear that sometimes things do look bigger, and I admit to kind of liking the tingling many of the products produce. I don't like it when my lips become numb though, and leave it difficult to kiss my hubby or drink without looking silly (I'm looking at that product with Venom in it's name...)

Anyways, you know that since it comes from Booty Parlor, this gloss isn't going to go to the extreme of making those lips unusable! The gloss uses Chili Fruit and Ginger Root extracts to help with plumping. You can feel the tingling, though it isn't overwhelming and certainly left me with intact sensation. Like other plumping glosses I swear I look at my lips and they look bigger. I just can't get that to translate over into a picture. But, they are!

As for the gloss, it has a faint cinnamon/minty flavor that I really liked. The gloss is not sticky (love!), and has great shine. The colors are all translucent and add just enough hint of color (my favorite is Tremble). Thanks to the Shea Butter and Vitamin E in the formula the gloss is very hydrating, and it left my lips super soft.

Kissaholic Lip Gloss by Booty Parlor

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  1. Hmmm, that sounds interesting. I have thin lizard lips so I have almost given up on looking remotely pouty-lipped :D


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