Jessica Simpson's Fancy Nights: Can She Capture a Romantic Night in a Bottle?

Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights Perfume, Parfum, Fragrance, Review
I have to admit that I like rooting for Jessica Simpson. True she really proved she can play the dumb blonde on her reality show Newlyweds, but since that time I do think she's tried to be more authentic and taken a lot of hits for it in the media. The girl is a "normal" size but get called out for being fat by the tabloids, had her ex describe how she is in bed to the media in detail, and made the country record she's wanted for years only to have it not sell well. I think we can call her the underdog. Who also has a line of cute but affordable bags and shoes.

Anyways... On to the fragrance. This is the third in her Fancy series. The first two had somewhat mixed reviews on-line and perhaps taking that into account this fragrance seems to be very different. The inspiration is a romantic night, and the fragrance is meant to capture that and show a very different side of Jessica's Personality.

A quick glance at the base notes tells us this is a Chypre, which bodes very well. A lot of my favorite fragrances are Chypres, and I have to tell you that this one didn't let me down. Initially the Bergamot and Jasmine are definitely present, with quite a bit of the Oak Moss and Amber base notes coming through to "ground" the fragrance. It stayed spicy and woodsy with very few changes all day long.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Egyptian Papyrus
Middle Notes: Indonesian Patchouli, Bulgarian Red Rose, Night Blooming Jasmine
Base Notes: Vanilla Absolute, Sandalwood, Amber, Oak Moss, Tonka Bean, Peru Balsam, Cedar Wood

The fragrance was definitely a bit woodsy, but warm and exotic. It isn't exactly a summer fragrance, but it is perfect for colder months or for a light spritz on those nights you want to encourage someone to get a little closer.

Was this Chypre dramatically different from the ones I already own? Not really. There isn't a lot that sets it apart from the others, though it does deliver well on the Chypre experience in my opinion. It is a more "accessible" brand name than many of the others, so if this new scent introduces people to Chypres, then fantastic.

I do have a few (tiny) complaints about this fragrance that I want to share.
1.) It is very strong. This is definitely one to spritz and then walk through half of the mist. Consider getting the body lotion rather than the Eau de Parfum spray if you want it very light.
2.) I have some issues with the name. Truly. I feel like it's a tad... trashy? Somehow just calling it "fancy" adds that element of trashiness. I am going to chose to block the name out of my memory and wear this perfume anyways.

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  1. Thanks for the review! This is the first one I've seen for Fancy Nights. I will definitely try it. I find the name somewhat hilarious but that won't stop me from purchasing if I end up liking this. :)


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