A Face Primer for the "Blahs" Purple Lab's Pearlesque Primer

Yes, I know you are probably thinking I have now gone off the deep end and I'm testing nothing but primers. True, I do have a bit of an obsession lately, but I promise I am testing other things! I was just too excited about this one to wait longer to write my review.

Pearlesque is the latest offering from Purple Lab, and at first glance you might think that little tube is just "yet another silicone based primer." Yes, like Smashbox. Which is great, it works, but it also pills and makes some girls break out. Actually, what is in that little purple tube is much better. It is silicone free and totally different from those Smashbox wanna-bes. In truth, it doesn't even feel like a primer. It is a milky white, with a little pearlescents. It feels almost like a light moisturizer (and in fact, it is moisturizing, though you likely will need a bit more hydration if you are at all dry), and applies beautifully. You can feel it going into your skin. It blends easily, and all you need is a small amount, about the size of a big pea, to cover your whole face.

Once the primer is on you can't tell it is there, except something seems.... different. How so? Suddenly your skin seems to glow. Even on days that I don't look my best, a little bit of this primer seems to make my complexion much better. How? It does have pearl powder (though I promise it doesn't make your face shiny), as well as the moisturizing properties and even peptides in the mix. All I know is that when I use this primer, my face does look more glowy and I no longer look so blah.

To make things even better, makeup glides right on over it and lasts a few hours longer. I think it isn't actually meant to be a mattifying primer, but it did make me less shiny for a few hours anyways. I'm keeping this primer in my drawer to combat the Blahs!

Purple Lab Pearlesque Primer

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Karen said...

Thanks for the Purple Lab love!


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