Raise Money for Cancer with Jergens!

This will literally take 1 minute and 23 seconds of your time. Jergens has a great program going on with The Skin Cancer Foundation right now with 30 Rock star Jane Krakowski.

Go to Jergen's YouTube Channel and watch Jane's video. It's short and sweet, and for each time the video is view Jergens will donate $1 to The Skin Cancer Foundation.

So, watch it and then share it with friends and family.

Jergen's YouTube Channel

Image- Joe Kohen/Wireimage.com


Extreme Makeover said...

It was a pleasure finding this, thanks for meeting my needs here.

Nepenthe said...

This is great, thanks for sharing.. I'll definitely be passing it on. :]

Joyce said...

I know you love your nail polish. Thought I'd send this your way.

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