L'Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Primer: A Mousse to Smooth Everything

L'Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base, primer, review
I seem to be on a major primer kick lately, I want to test every thing out on the market! Here's another great one, this time from L'Oreal. While a tad more expensive than other mass market primers, the extra money does seem to really be worth it in my opinion.

This primer is not the typical silicon based primer. First, it is a light opaque pink, and it feels spongy. Very similar to a mousse. Truly. It only needs a small amount, I just spread a pea sized amount on my t-zone with a finger tip. Perfect. Wait a minute or so before applying foundation (too soon and it does seem like the foundation will slip off), but application is perfect with almost every foundation. Pores and fine lines are just eliminated, which I love! It does help with wear (pretty much all day with this primer), and it is somewhat mattifying but not to the same extent as MoM. I have found that this primer is a must if you are going to do the MoM trick for matte skin. Without it the primer great foundation application is pretty difficult, and silicone primers love to pill over the MoM. The L'Oreal applies beautifully as though the MoM wasn't even there.

This is definitely a primer that I'll be keeping in my makeup drawer permanently.

L'Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base


  1. I can't get into Primers. Between my antiox serum, sunscreen and concealer, it just feels like too many layers! I must be missing something tho

  2. Great advice, I've wanted to try this since it came out! However i'm a little snob when it comes to primer and find that straying away from Make Up For Ever's would be too hard. I think I will give this one a whirl now. Thanks!

  3. I tried some of this on my hand at Target last week, but I couldn't find a price, so I didn't buy it. Then I found out it was about $13, so I was wishing I had bought it!!! It smoothed out really, really nicely on the top of my hand, and I can imagine that it would look great underneath my Smashbox HD foundation!

    I haven't tried MoM yet... but I keep meaning too, esp. since it's nearly summer and my skin is gonna start freaking out! lol

  4. OTG- I know what you mean! Lately I feel like I'm nothing but layers of things. Moisturizer/eye cream, separate sunscreen (if I'm testing some), MoM, MoM always means primer, and that's before the foundation, concealer, etc. If I don't do the MoM I tend to skip the primers on non-work days at least, somehow I feel like I'm giving myself a break!

    Makeup Palette- I have a sample of the MUF HD Primer (Love those 100 point options from Sephora), is that the one you're talking about? I'm digging it out next, I've been really excited to check it out.

    Rebecca- Definitely check this one out if you try the MoM trick. I think it works a lot better than other primers over the MoM.

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  6. great product, my friend has recommended this to me many times

  7. I love this primer! I haven't tried any of the other, more expensive brands, but I like this one. It has helped tremendously with keeping coverage on my undereyes!


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