Lanolips: Super Moisturizing Gloss And It's Pretty? Sign Me Up!

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It isn't often that I have to get a product from overseas. So, trying something out from Australia really makes me pretty giddy. (Going to Australia is pretty high on my bucket list. My husband is well aware of this. Using Australian lip gloss makes me feel closer to this goal)

So, is there a reason I'm trying out Australian lip gloss? Yes. It is actually quite a bit different from many other brands. Because it is different than many other lip balms/glosses. It's Lanolin based. True, there are some other products out there that contain lanolin. But, they don't contain medical grade lanolin (thinking about that makes me a tad ill actually), and they contain a lot less lanolin than Lanolips.

What is lanolin? Basically, after you shear a sheep you have to wash the wool. The sheep's wool is coated in lanolin, which is pretty similar to wax. After a lot of purification, that lanolin is considered medical grade. It's hypoallergenic, bacteriostatic (meaning, it can't harbor bacterial growth), and is so pure that we use it to help with wound healing in hospitals.

So, how is it for your lips? Amazing! It feels just incredible on my lips. There's no scent, no flavor (love that), but it feels super hydrating once applied. It lasts pretty much all day (at least 8 hours, I forgot to time it since it was all day), and my lips are very hydrated after using it.

I like the 101 "regular" version for application pretty much anywhere. I brought this on a recent trip, and it was amazing on the plane! I used it on my lips and on some dried areas on my hands in flight. When I landed my hands were super soft, and my lips didn't show any of the normal dehydration I see after being in the air for 4-5 hours. The color versions are a bit translucent but well pigmented. My favorite color is the Rhubarb (far right), a dark rose-pink color.

So, the only bad news here is that since Lanolips is an Aussie company, it will be hard for Americans & Canadians to get a hold of it. Lanolips lists a lot of different stores in Australia, but those of us in North America will have to settle for ordering on-line. I recommend buy a few colors of the gloss if you're going to do this, take advantage of the shipping!

The lip ointment with color has SPF 15.



  1. These glosses sound amazing! I'm definitely going to try them out. My lips have been so dry lately, I've been looking for a super-hydrating gloss.

  2. I spent about 30USD to get the non-color lip balm. It's fantastic. Unfortunately, it's too much money to order again. I'm going to miss it a lot. If you have the money, you won't be disappointed.

  3. Where were you able to purchase Lanolips that ships to the US? I'm very curious about this product and I love all the swatches I've seen.


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