Kinda Obsessing Over Blueberry Body Wash from Tone

Tone Body Wash, review, blueberryYes, Tone. I know you see the bottle there on the shelf at Target or Walmart, and if you're like me you think "Oh, that's a Grandma product." Then you reach for a different body wash.

But, you might want to revisit that. I've been using Tone for a bit now (ok, long enough to have just finished a bottle), and I have to admit I'm somewhat obsessed with this body wash. It has a great lather, cleans everything off my skin (sunscreen, dirt, etc) quickly and easily, is lightly hydrating and rinses off easily.

Also, there are anti-oxidants in the formula. While most of them rinse off, some are likely left behind to help out your skin, which is especially helpful if you've recently been exposing it to the sun.

But the best part is the smell. It isn't exactly blueberries, more like blueberry pie. It's refreshing in the morning, but not too sweet. Even my husband comments on the smell if I've used this body wash.

Tone Body Wash


  1. Interesting, I'll have to give that a try. I hope that it doesn't make me hungry though :) Mmmm blueberry pie :)

  2. thanks! i have to try this one. :-)

  3. very cool. I'm in search of a drugstore body wash to take on a summer road trip. and i love the way blueberry pie smells! my top contender right now was nivea...but I will so be checking out this tone.

  4. great product, I use it all the time, really good


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